Meet Irina from Love is Blind season 4 (Who is Irina Solomonova?)

Love is Blind. Irina in episode 401 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Love is Blind. Irina in episode 401 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Irina Solomonova is an ambitious, raven-haired beauty who takes an immediate interest in a few potential suitors in the pods, causing friction with another woman who has feelings for one of the same men Irina does! Love is Blind season 4 certainly won’t be without its fair share of drama, but that’s half of why we watch it, right?

One interesting change in the new season is that it takes place in Seattle, Washington. Previous seasons have filmed in places like Los Angeles and even Atlanta, Georgia, so it’s fun that the production changes up the locale each season.

Who will Irina hit it off with in the pods? Will she get married? Find out what happens in the show when it premieres on Friday, March 24, and keep reading to learn more about Irina from Love is Blind season 4!

How old is Irina from Love is Blind? Irina Solomonova’s age

Irina is one of the younger castmates on this season of Love is Blind at just 26 years old. Many contestants are in their 30s, though several are in their late 20s. It’s nice to see a broader range of ages this time around.

Irina from Love is Blind season 4 owns an event-planning company

According to Irina’s Instagram, she is a Seattle-based event planner and business owner, having founded the event-planning company Solo co. Based on the website, she seems to be quite successful. Her company is currently undergoing a revamp and rebrand.

Where to follow Irina from Love is Blind on Instagram

Speaking of Instagram, fans of Irina’s can follow her there @irina_solo. She has a well-curated content feed, including many selfies and photographs promoting her work. Since she is an event planner, Irina also seems to have a passion for design and decorating, so she’s shared many decor images in her home and elsewhere.

Don’t miss seeing Irina in action in Love is Blind season 4, now streaming on Netflix.

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