Love is Blind season 4 Paul Peden age, height, Instagram, job, and more

Love Is Blind. Paul in Season 4 of Love Is Blind. Cr. Netflix © 2023
Love Is Blind. Paul in Season 4 of Love Is Blind. Cr. Netflix © 2023 /

Are you watching the new season of Love is Blind? The fourth season has finally premiered on Netflix, and once again, we get to meet tons of new single men and women looking for love. One of the lucky singles we meet this season is Paul Peden.

Paul Peden says the key to his heart is “finding happiness in small things.” He typically goes for women that aren’t good for him and gets bored quickly. By going through the social experiment, he hopes to meet a nurturing woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Many single women are participating in this experiment, but will any of them meet Paul’s standards?

Here’s everything else to know about this hopeful single!

Love is Blind Paul Peden age

Unfortunately, Paul’s birthdate is not public knowledge. However, we do know that he’s 29 years old. He’s also believed to be from New Orleans, Louisiana, and moved to Seattle, Washington.

How tall is Paul Peden?

Paul’s height is unknown, but he looks to be at least average height for a male (5’9) or taller. He also has brown curly hair and green eyes.

Love is Blind Paul Peden Instagram

Were you looking for Paul’s Instagram page? If so, you can find him at the handle @paulpeden. While scrolling through his page, you’ll quickly notice that Paul enjoys nature, scuba diving, and fishing based on the pictures he posts. You’ll also find some selfies and photos of friends and family on his page. But what really sticks out on Paul’s page is the copious photos he took while traveling. It’s obvious that he’s into photography.

Love is Blind Paul Peden TikTok

You can find Paul on TikTok @paulpremium. If you enjoy cooking and need new food ideas, you should definitely follow Paul on TikTok because his page is catered to all things food. You’ll find videos of different food he cooked, such as tamales, oyster stew, macaroni and cheese, sugarcane shrimp, etc.

Love is Blind Paul Peden job

Paul’s occupation is Environmental Scientist.

You can watch Paul Peden mingle with other singles in Love is Blind season 4, now streaming on Netflix.

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