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Netflix’s first-ever Korean drama to be released was Love Alarm, and it was a huge success for the streaming giant in 2019. In fact, it was ranked as one of Netflix’s top releases at the time. Due to the show’s success, Netflix renewed it for a second season in October 2019. However, fans didn’t get to see the second season until two years later in 2021. Now, two years have passed since the second season’s release, and we still have yet to see new episodes released in a Love Alarm season 3. What’s up with that? Is a Love Alarm season 3 even happening?

Tons of people want to see what’s next for Jo-jo, Hye-yeong, and Sun-oh, but was the second season the series conclusion for the romantic drama? Unfortunately, not much information about a third season is known, but we shared everything we know so far below.

Is Love Alarm renewed for season 3 yet?

Sadly, the popular K-Drama has not been renewed as of March 2023. Are we really surprised? No, because it’s been two years since the second season’s release, and Netflix still hasn’t said a word about the show’s future. Honestly, I think it’s safe to say there will not be a new season. Netflix doesn’t usually take this long to renew a show. I mean, it only took two months from the first season’s release for the show to be renewed for a second season. We’re way past that point now.

Also, it looks like the writers only had two seasons in mind based on the season 2 ending. The Love Alarm season 2 finale could easily work as a series ending because everything ends on a good note with really nothing left to explore. However, the creators could easily come up with new storylines if there were to be a third season.

Love Alarm season 2 ending explained

The second season ends with Jo-jo and Hye-yeong together and Sun-oh and Yuk-jo deciding to give their relationship another shot even though Sun-oh still can’t ring her alarm. Sun-oh and Hye-yeong are also able to patch up their friendship, although they both know they’ll never be as close as they once were. Jo-Jo and Sun-oh also get closure and can move on with their lives.

Duk-Gu surrenders his role as the Love Alarm developer to his brother Brian and then meets with Gul-mi. While talking to Gul-mi, Duk-gu tells her he’s the founding developer of Love Alarm. During their conversation, it’s obvious that Gul-mi now sees Duk-Gu in a romantic light. Lastly, the Love Alarm killer is identified and taken away by the cops.

Love Alarm season 3 plot: What could a third season be about?

If there were to be a third season, it could focus on exploring the new couples (Jo-jo and Hye-yeong and Sun-oh and Yuk-jo) and the problems they face.

Although Jo-jo and Hye-yeong seem to be happily in love at the end of the second season, I’m sure they will eventually come across obstacles in their relationship that they’ll have to overcome. Sun-oh and Yuk-jo basically end up together, but they still have the issue of him not being able to ring her Love Alarm. He tells her he’ll keep trying until it happens, but will he actually do this? Or will they decide to part ways for good because Sun-oh can’t get over his feelings for Jo-jo?

What about Duk-gu and Gul-mi? Could a potential romance be brewing between the two now that Gul-mi finds Duk-gu attractive? All of these relationships can be explored more in a third season.

Love Alarm season 3 cast: Who could be in the third season?

Since a third season hasn’t been confirmed, we don’t have an official cast list. However, there are two ways a potential Love Alarm season 3 could go. The show could continue to follow Jo-jo (Kim So-hyun), Hye-yeong (Jung Ga-ram), Sun-oh (Song Kang), and the rest of the season 2 characters’ stories, or it could explore the stories of a whole new group of characters. But, again, Netflix hasn’t renewed the series, so this is pure speculation.

Stay tuned to Netflix Life for updates on Love Alarm‘s renewal status!

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