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The Night Agent. Gabriel Basso as Peter Sutherland in episode 110 of The Night Agent. Cr. Dan Power/Netflix © 2023
The Night Agent. Gabriel Basso as Peter Sutherland in episode 110 of The Night Agent. Cr. Dan Power/Netflix © 2023 /
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The Night Agent. Eve Harlow as Ellen in episode 108 of The Night Agent. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

The Night Agent episode 8 recap: Redux

In The Night Agent episode 8 opening flashback, Peter chases Colin Worley/Matteo on the night of the metro bombing. We finally see where he goes after getting away from Peter. When he returns home, we learn he’s a twin. Matteo, as we know him, is actually Colin. Matteo is his brother, who dies of an “overdose.” After Colin finds him dead, he swaps their IDs and becomes Matteo. (For clarity and ease, we’re going to continue to refer to him as Matteo.)

Peter and Rose try to tell Erik and Chelsea the truth as they’re handcuffed to the pier. After the agents see the picture of Matteo, they warm up to Peter and Rose’s story and send the local police away in order to hear them out. The agents poke holes in their theory about the bombing, but when they notice Matteo’s a twin on his birth certificate, they’ve found their smoking gun. Turn Lake murdered the wrong twin. Begrudgingly, they agree to work together.

Matteo films another hostage video with Maddie, this time putting a two-hour deadline on Maddie’s life. She attempts to win Matteo over with a shared desire to end her father, but he doesn’t buy into it. He’s completely detached from reality and there’s nothing she can say to buy her time.

Farr refuses to show Redfield the new hostage video due to the potential consequences of his emotional actions. They meet with Redfield, and a slip makes him realize Wick knows who has Maddie. He admits it’s the metro bomber and that his team “took care” of his brother instead of the bomber. As Redfield leaves the room, Farr seemingly asks Wick to call a hit on Peter.

Erik and Chelsea leave Peter and Rose in the car while checking up on the next-of-kin PO Box. There’s nothing but a past due notice for a storage unit inside. While they wait for the worker to locate the unit, Erik and Chelsea talk about his life, daughter, and sobriety, helping them bond and see eye to eye more than ever. When they open the storage unit, they bring Peter and Rose on board to help dig through the mess of contents. Rose finds a pay stub, and Erik takes her along to investigate Matteo’s job at Pykemoor Security.

Meanwhile, Maddie digs through the wall, sees “R142” on the other side, and hears trains, giving her some hope as to an escape strategy. She convinces Matteo to record a new video for her father in her own words. Suddenly, she has a plan to outsmart him.

Peter asks Chelsea the truth about who she was guarding the day of the metro bombing. Finally, she admits she wasn’t lying that it wasn’t Maddie. She was guarding Omar Zadar, the leader of the PIF. Chelsea also revealed that Zadar’s codename was Osprey. He was the target of the bombing, but instead of an assassination, they used the bombing as a cover so he was merely another casualty.

After this revelation, Chelsea receives a video of Maddie with a coded message. She sent the video directly to Chelsea, rather than her father as she told Matteo. In the video, Maddie taps on her necklace when she says certain words, giving them the message “train R142.” On instinct, Chelsea wants to call it in, but Peter tells her she can no longer trust the White House.

Back at the White House, the you-know-what hits the fan as the President snubs Farr, shutting her out from the latest meeting about Zadar. Redfield’s against their plans to wave the white flag with Zadar. The President clears the room after his outburst in the middle of the meeting and tells him she’s considering a personnel change in the West Wing. Farr better sleep with one eye open!

Peter discovers R142 is a partial match for the serial number of a freight shipping container, giving them the closest tip yet on Maddie’s location. Out of curiosity, Peter asks how Chelsea found him and Rose, and he’s adorably bummed she bested him based on birthday cards. Because Erik finds that Worley worked as a security guard for three companies, Peter cross references the shipping container number and lands on a match at the D.C. Container Depot. Unfortunately, Ellen is right on their tail.

Chelsea and Peter enter the shipping yard, and Matteo sees them on his security camera. They split up, which isn’t the wisest plan, but it’s more efficient. Of course, Ellen followed Erik and Rose to the shipping yard, and Erik leaves Rose in the car. Maddie attacks Matteo with the light she broke and escapes the shipping container. He shoots after her, alerting Peter and the agents to her location.

Thankfully, Chelsea grabs Maddie as Peter arrests Matteo. Just then, Ellen shoots at them from above in a tower, successfully killing Matteo. She shoots Maddie in the leg and then hits Erik outside of his bulletproof best. Before Ellen can do any further damage, Rose tackles Ellen and pushes her off the tower, killing the assassin. Erik’s life hangs in the balance.

Written by Reed Gaudens.