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The Night Agent. Gabriel Basso as Peter Sutherland in episode 110 of The Night Agent. Cr. Dan Power/Netflix © 2023
The Night Agent. Gabriel Basso as Peter Sutherland in episode 110 of The Night Agent. Cr. Dan Power/Netflix © 2023 /
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The Night Agent. (L to R) Fola Evans-Akingbola as Chelsea Arrington, D.B. Woodside as Erik in episode 107 of The Night Agent. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

The Night Agent episode 7 recap: Best Served Cold

The Night Agent episode 7 once again opens with a flashback, this time to 14 years ago. Maddie plays with her little sister Sarah in the backyard while her father talks on the phone. When they argue over a toy, Ashley yells at Maddie then continues his phone call in the house. Maddie leaves the situation and Sarah drowns in the pool, which he blames on Maddie. In the present tense, Matteo has Maddie chained in a room, and he takes a photo with her holding up the day’s newspaper.

On the run in his godfather’s boat, Peter throws the troll doll in the ocean (RIP Kevin!). He’s defeated from everything they have been through, especially now that Farr has turned on him and made him the prime suspect in Maddie’s kidnapping. Rose convinces him to keep fighting and not give up on finding the truth. Finally, they kiss! Peter and Rose continue their romantic moment by presumably having sex in the cabin of the boat.

Chelsea and Erik are part of the team searching Peter’s apartment for evidence. They’re coming up short until Erik pokes around Peter’s books and finds birthday cards from someone named Jim. Even with that minor lead, Erik and Chelsea still doubt Peter’s involvement. Erik suggests working the investigation from more than one angle, leading to the New Leaf pamphlet.

President Travers visits Farr to chat about Maddie and the Peter situation. When the president presses on what went wrong with apprehending Peter, Farr lies through her teeth. Gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss to the bitter end, I guess! What does she have to lose? Well, it seems like her good standing with the President. Travers tells her to take a step back from the case.

On their own hunch, Chelsea and Erik stop by New Leaf. They talk to an employee named Dylan (played by Virgin River guest star Markian Tarasiuk), who identifies Paulo Bonetto and explains Paulo had been planning for Maddie to record a plug for New Leaf. Dylan also confirms Peter wasn’t involved with New Leaf and IDs Matteo. He says Matteo was dating Paulo but hasn’t been around for weeks.

While hiding out in the boat, Rose asks Peter about his dad. He explains classified documents were leaked that compromised US defense strategies around the world. The breach was traced back to FBI counterintelligence division, for which his dad was section chief. Peter Sr. died before they could charge him, meaning no evidence was made public. Peter was inspired to join the FBI to clear his dad’s name. In order to clear his own, they have find a smoking gun.

Matteo records a new hostage video and sends a message, giving Redfield two days to confess he planned the metro bombing and covered it up. He has to name his accomplices or Matteo will have Maddie spread the news before he kills her. While reviewing their options, Farr is being tough because Redfield wants to play ball. To talk him off the ledge, Farr shows him that Maddie was going to release video of him abusing her as a child.

In her cell, Maddie kicks hole in the wall, realizing she can find some clues as to where she is. After talking with Matteo, she gives him the address to find the nanny cam video of her father being abusive. Later, Matteo informs Maddie that a woman was murdered in the house and they found a kidnapped baby — the house the assassins burgled in the first episode. She tries to appease him with mutual hatred for her dad, and when he leaves, she loosens the springs under her mattress.

Peter and Rose look further into the 12 suspects Hawkins was investigating before he died. After narrowing it down to two suspects, they discover Colin Worley died two days before the FBI was to interview him. Without a cause of death listed, they wonder if someone tampered with Colin Worley’s file to keep him from taking the fall as the bomber and unraveling the VP’s mess.

When Erik and Chelsea suggest investigating Matteo, Farr has a meltdown, and Almora is suddenly on Farr’s side. They have to keep Erik and Chelsea on Peter’s trail to serve their false narrative. Farr immediately calls Wick about adding Matteo to the hit list. Later, Ellen holds a knife to Wick’s throat. He makes a deal with her to kill Matteo in exchange for Peter’s location.

After Peter and Rose steal a car from a valet, she sweet talks her way into grabbing public records for Colin Worley. While he waits in the car outside, Peter’s spotted by some Rome Tome trolls, forcing him to drive off as they approach his car. The Rome Tome guys harass Rose when she leaves the building just as Peter pulls back up. He scares them with flare gun and they drive away.

Meanwhile, Erik and Chelsea visit Jim Wilson, a reporter and Peter’s godfather. Before going into his house, Erik notices a cargo hitch on Jim’s truck. As for why Peter and Jim aren’t tight anymore? Jim reported on Peter’s dad potentially being the traitor who leaked the files, and they haven’t talked for years. Jim tells Erik and Chelsea that Peter cares about people and, more than that, what people think about him. Even so, they press Jim for the locations of his camper and boat.

Peter and Rose pore over Colin’s records, which includes an autopsy indicating no foul play and a history of court-mandated rehab stays. Among his personal effects was a keycard to Allontine Manufacturing, which they discover is a subsidiary of Turn Lake. Peter finds arrest photos, which includes the snake tattoo on his side. They piece together that Colin Worley (whom we know as Matteo) was the bomber, and they believe Turn Lake “killed” him to cover their tracks. Their next plan of attack is going to the PO Box, but Erik and Chelsea find and arrest them before they can leave.

Written by Reed Gaudens.