Love is Blind season 1 cast: Where are they now?

Love is Blind season 1 reunion on Netflix, photo courtesy Netflix
Love is Blind season 1 reunion on Netflix, photo courtesy Netflix /

Netflix is constantly expanding its reality series library with tons of great shows, but Love is Blind still remains one of the streamer’s biggest hits. People just can’t get enough of the dating show, and Netflix continues to meet the audience’s demands by renewing it for additional installments.

The first season premiered on Netflix back in February 2020, and no one could’ve known it would be a major hit with audiences everywhere. But with so many people tuning in to watch a bunch of single men and women hopefully find love, Netflix went ahead and ordered two additional seasons in March 2020. Then, in March 2022, the streaming giant renewed the popular reality series for a fourth and fifth season.

While Love is Blind as a whole is a very entertaining show to watch, many people would argue that the first season was the best season. It was just so good!

Initially, there were six engaged couples in the first season, but only two couples said their “I dos” and got married at the end of the season. Those couples were Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton and Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett. So, where are these couples today in 2023? Are they even still together? What about some of the other contestants? Here’s what we know.

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton from Love is Blind season 1 now

If you were team Lauren and Cameron, you’d be glad to know that the two are still together and happily in love as of March 2023. Back in November 2022, they celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary.

Cameron posted a beautiful photo of them together on his Instagram to commemorate the day. The caption reads, “4 years into forever with you Mr. Hamilton. I’m so much better because of it! I love you to the moon and back! Forever my Clyde #MinusThePowPow Happy Anniversary Baby!”

If you scroll through their social media accounts, you’ll notice they post each other often. On March 4, they attended a charity event together and were all smiles. They were also joined by two of their Love is Blind castmates, Kelly Chase and Lauren Chamblin (LC).

If you want to look into their personal life, we recommend subscribing to their joint YouTube channel, “Hanging With The Hamiltons.” According to the about section on the page, the content is videos “following Lauren and Cameron’s day-to-day adventures – their highs, lows, and everything in between. They talk about their relationship, date ideas, recipes for dinner at home, travel, blending families, and raising a rascal of a dog.”

Lauren currently co-hosts a podcast called “We Have the Receipts” with Chris Burns, where they discuss Netflix’s various reality series. Sometimes they invite people from the shows to talk about their experiences. Some of their guests include Perfect Match cast members Joey Sasso, Francesca Farago, and Dom Gabriel. Cameron still works as a scientist when he isn’t making YouTube videos with his wife.

Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett from Love is Blind season 1 now

Amber and Matt are also still going strong as a married couple as of March 2023. On Feb. 22, Matt posted a collage of photos of Amber with a sweet message on his Instagram page.

The caption to the post reads,

"This past week for Valentine’s Day, my gorgeous and amazing wife took me on an incredible adventure to Sedona, AZ. As we explored the stunning red rocks, breathtaking views, and rugged terrain, I couldn’t help but be in awe of her natural beauty and adventurous spirit. She is truly a force of nature, and being by her side makes every moment feel like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thank you for always pushing me to be my best self, for being my rock, and for filling my heart with joy and laughter. You are my everything and I’m blessed to spend every day with you."

On March 7, Amber gave an update on her and Matt’s fitness journey together through an Instagram post. In the picture, they appear to be happy at the progress they have made since the start of 2023.

Together, Amber and Matt run their own CBD company called “Mana Naturals.” Matt also has a Twitch account where he live streams his gameplays. On the other hand, Amber works with different businesses to promote their products in exchange for compensation.

Where is Giannina Gibelli from Love is Blind season 1 now?

Giannina recently appeared on the Paramount+ reality series All Star Shore, where she lived in a villa full of other reality TV stars competing to win $150,000. She’s currently in a relationship with Bachelorette alum and artist Blake Horstmann. They often post cute photos with and of each other on their Instagram pages.

Where is Damian Powers from Love is Blind season 1 now?

Damian recently appeared on Netflix’s Perfect Match, where he and Francesca Farago got together but ultimately didn’t end up together. After the show ended, Damian decided to make an OnlyFans account where he posts exclusive content.

Make sure to check out Love is Blind season 4, arriving on Netflix on March 24!

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