Netflix Noise cast: Who’s in the Belgian thriller movie?

Noise Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix
Noise Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix /

Where are all the thriller fans? Netflix recently dropped a new thriller film titled Noise, and it’s what everyone’s watching and talking about. As of March 21, it’s sitting at the No. 3 spot on Netflix’s top 10 movie list, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be dropping from the list anytime soon. So we strongly recommend checking it out for yourself. Who knows, you just might like it!

Noise is a Belgian Netflix original movie helmed by Steffen Geypens from a screenplay he co-wrote with Robin Kerremans and Hasse Steenssens.

It follows social media influencer and father Matthias as he moves his family from the busy city to his childhood home back in rural Belgium. But once they arrive in the small village, Matthias uncovers a dark secret from his dementing father’s past which involves a tragedy his father was directly involved with many years ago. Determined to find out the truth and clear his father’s name, Matthias conducts his own in-depth investigation into the local tragedy that shook the small town. But as he digs deeper for information, he slowly starts to drive himself mad, which ultimately causes issues in his marriage.

So, who plays Matthias in the thriller flick? And what about the other characters in the movie? Find out right below.

Netflix Noise cast

Ward Kerremans stars in the leading role of Matthias. You might recognize Kerremans from his previous acting work in the TV shows LouisLouiseFamilieSmerisPenozaBlackoutGlad IJs, Soil and Billie vs Benjamin.

Sallie Harmsen portrays the role of Liv, Matthias’s wife. You might’ve previously watched her in the TV shows De geheimen van BarsletCatchDe jachtVoetbalmaffiaDevilsDoodstilHeirs of the Night and Legacy. She also had roles in the films In Real LifeBlade Runner 2049 and Moloch.

Johan Leysen plays Pol, Matthias’s aging father with a dark past. He’s known for his previous acting roles in TrahirFelice… Felice…Brotherhood of the Wolf and The American.

Here’s who you can expect to see in Noise on Netflix:

  • Ward Kerremans as Matthias
  • Sallie Harmsen as Liv
  • Johan Leysen as Pol
  • Jesse Mensah as Timme
  • Mieke De Groote as Brenda
  • Katelijne Damen as Yvette
  • Lize Feryn as Michelle
  • Simon D’Huyvetter as young Pol
  • Daphne Wellens as Laura
  • Jennifer Heylen as Umulisa

Unfortunately, Netflix did not release an official trailer with English subtitles, but we still decided to share it.

Be sure to check out Noise, now streaming on Netflix!

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