Maestro in Blue cast: Meet the cast of the Greek Netflix show

Maestro in Blue Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix
Maestro in Blue Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix /

Netflix released its first-ever Greek original series on March 17, called Maestro in Blue. If you’re looking forward to watching this new show, we shared all there is to know about it below, including who’s in the cast.

Maestro in Blue is a romantic drama series created by actor/writer/director Christopher Papakaliatis. It first premiered in Greece in October 2022 before Netflix picked up licensing rights to stream the series on its platform.

The show is set in Greece on the island of Paxos. It follows a musician by the name of Orestis, who arrives on the island during the pandemic to organize a music festival at the request of Fanis, a businessman running for mayor. But once Orestis lands on the island of Paxos, he experiences an unexpected romance and finds himself involved with the islanders’ problems.

Here are the names of all the gifted actors you can expect to see appear in Maestro in Blue.

Maestro in Blue cast

Not only is Christopher Papakaliatis the creator of the show, but he also stars in the leading role of Orestis. Some of the previous shows you might’ve seen him in are Anastasia, Dolce VitaAgigma psyhisDyo meres mono and 4. He also had roles in the movies Three WishesWhat If… and Worlds Apart.

Klelia Andriolatou portrays the role of Klelia, Fanis’s young daughter, who quickly takes a liking to Orestis as soon as they meet. She doesn’t have many movies or shows under her belt, but you might’ve watched her in the romantic drama series Brousko and/or the drama film 18.

Fanis Mouratidis plays Fanis in Maestro in Blue. He’s known for his roles in TV shows such as Etsi xafnikaSafe SexPoios mas pianei!Ergazomeni gynaikaPeta ti friteza and Erotas me diafora. You might also know him from his roles in the movies Gamilia narkiI’m Dying for You!Amore Mio and Jamaica.

Here’s the main cast list below:

  • Christopher Papakaliatis as Orestis
  • Klelia Andriolatou as Klelia
  • Fanis Mouratidis as Fanis
  • Maria Kavoyianni as Maria
  • Marisha Triantafyllidou as Sofia
  • Orestis Chalkias as Antonis
  • Yorgos Benos as Spyros
  • Haris Alexiou as Haris
  • Giannis Tsortekis as Haralambos
  • Antinoos Albanis as Michalis
  • Stefania Goulioti as Alexandra
  • Dimitris Kitsos as Thanos
  • Tonia Maraki as Gianna

You can catch all of the actors listed above in Maestro in Blue, now streaming on Netflix!

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