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You. Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 408 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
You. Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 408 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /
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You season 4 episode 9 recap: “She’s Not There”

Trigger Warning: Suicide

We’ve reached the penultimate episode of You season 4, and as expected it’s pretty eventful. Joe finally finds Marienne after Rhys (in his head) leads him, and he’s horrified by what he’s done. He apologizes to Marienne and tells her he’s going to get her out of there. Unfortunately, he can’t help her now, though, because he has a wedding to go to. Yep, Phoebe and Adam’s wedding.

Nadia comes out of hiding and wants to help Marienne, but Marienne tells her they can’t call the cops because as long as Joe’s alive he’ll continue to come after her. She doesn’t want to do anything that’ll jeopardize her life or her daughter’s. Desperate to figure out a plan, Marienne says she will kill Joe if that’s what it takes. Nadia reveals she can get ketamine from her boyfriend Edward to knock Joe out and a drill to open up the cage door. All Marienne asks for is a knife.

Adam and Phoebe are having their engagement party/surprise wedding at Sundry House, and while Kate is there waiting for Joe she overhears Adam talking to someone, bragging about all the money he’ll have once he marries Phoebe. He says he’ll expand Sundry House to more locations once he gets her money. Kate is appalled and wants to go tell Phoebe immediately. But Phoebe’s already too far gone to do anything about it.

When Kate finds Phoebe, she’s doing cocaine and drinking, leaving Kate very concerned. Kate tells her about the conversation she heard and tells her not to marry Adam, but Phoebe just gets offended and tells Kate to leave.

Back at home, Joe conducts some research on how he can leave the country after he lets Marienne go, trying to set up a fake passport. His vision of Rhys asks him if he’s checked his freezer, and when Joe goes to look, he finds a gun in there. Apparently, Joe stole it when he killed Vic. Rhys tells Joe he should just kill Marienne because she doesn’t deserve to suffer. But Joe disagrees. He tells Rhys he’s leaving to go see Kate one more time at the wedding.

At Sundry House, Kate fills Joe in on the Phoebe situation and Joe says he’ll help her stop the wedding. Kate pulls out a bottle of pills and says she found serious tranquilizers in Phoebe’s room, making her even more worried. Joe volunteers to talk to Phoebe if Kate distracts Adam, but when that doesn’t work out it gets them both kicked out of the party.

Joe and Kate walk home together and because Joe knows this will probably be the last time he ever talks to Kate, he gets sentimental. He says really sweet things to her before dropping her off at her flat, kissing her and telling her he’ll call her.

Phoebe and Adam officially get married, but Phoebe’s in really bad shape. They’re both heavily intoxicated, and Phoebe then starts freaking out and runs to her room. The next morning, Kate gets a phone call that Phoebe was admitted to a facility somewhere. But before she can get more information, she sees her dad Tom waiting outside for her. He tells her Phoebe’s psychotic break is all over the news and Kate then explains how awful Adam is.

Tom breaks the news that he’s there because he wants Kate to come work with him and eventually take over his business. Of course, Kate is against this idea and tells him that she thinks about the mistakes she made and hates herself for it. He tells her the life she’s been living out in London is “too small” for her.

Joe shows back up with food and coffee for Marienne, telling her he has a plan so she can be with her daughter Juliette again soon. Marienne asks him to check her phone for her, but when he does it’s seriously bad news. Because Marienne’s been gone for so long, her friends and family assume she relapsed. Her friend Beatrice texts her that she shouldn’t come back and that Juliette’s grandmother is bringing her back to the United States. This is devastating news for Marienne, who tells Joe he should just kill her because she may never see her daughter again. Joe’s vision of Rhys shows continues to tell him he should kill Marienne.

In an attempt to get Rhys out of his head, Joe takes Phoebe’s tranquilizers when he’s back at his flat and immediately passes out. But what happens next is way worse than Rhys, as he has vivid dreams of things and people who have been haunting him. For the first bit, he goes to see Marienne but cannot figure out the passcode on the keypad to open up the cage. The coffee he’s given Marienne apparently has peanut oil in it, which she’s allergic to in his dream, and she falls to the floor. She goes into anaphylactic shock all while Joe still can’t open the door.

Next up in his dream, Joe sees a vision of Gemma holding his key. The same key that should open up the cage door. Gemma tells Joe he isn’t willing to do what needs to be done, and then his dream changes to a room with an audience with someone up at a small podium doing a reading. This person turns out to be Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail), Joe’s love interest from season 1 who he killed. She asks what he did this time before pulling out his key and then eating it.

The last part of Joe’s dream is a scene fans have all been waiting for. Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) is back! Well, sort of, because what Joe’s seeing is just a vision and not actually real. But Pedretti is back for this short scene. We’ll take it! In his dream, Joe sees Love sitting by a bookshelf as she reads and then looks up at him. He asks if she has the key, and she walks over to him, bringing up his violent behavior and blaming him for his “pattern.” She reminds him that he continues to hunt down women and kill them.

Love hands Joe the key but then tells him it’s not the key at all, and when he looks down he sees that she’s handed him a gun. “Somebody needs to die for this to end for good,” she tells him, holding the gun up to his head. Joe suddenly wakes up.

Joe’s dream is over and he grabs the gun out of his freezer, telling his vision of Rhys that he needs to end the cycle. He needs to kill himself. Rhys tells him he doesn’t want to die, however, and that all Joe wants is to just be seen. Joe tells Rhys off and leaves.

Meanwhile, while Phoebe is being treated in a mental health facility, Adam is being unfaithful. We see him in bed with a woman dressed in a dominatrix outfit. The woman says she invited others to join them, but it’s not what Adam has in mind. Two men walk in and take out knives from their bags, which prompts Adam to say his safe word, sweet potato. But they don’t listen. Adam asks who sent them and tells them he can pay them, but the woman says money won’t save him this time. They gag him and start beating him up before the scene cuts away.

But we don’t have to wait long to find out what happens. Kate goes to see her dad and shows him a headline on her phone reporting that Adam is dead. She asks what Tom did, and he tells her he did what she told him to do. Tom had Adam killed, which shocks Kate. She tells her father that she didn’t want him dead, to which Tom questions why she brought him up to him then.

Tom asks Kate to move to New York City with him, to which Kate refuses. He then drops a bomb on her and reveals the independent lifestyle she’s been living in London hasn’t actually been independent at all, as he called in favors to get her everything — from internships to jobs and even having charges dropped. “I keep you happy, I keep you safe,” he tells her, claiming that he owns her.

After a few complications, Nadia is able to secure the supplies, but before she can help Marienne, however, Joe shows up and finds Marienne seemingly unconscious on the floor. He opens up the door and sees pills on the ground, suggesting she overdosed. But is she faking it? The episode ends here before we can find out.

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Written by Natalie Zamora