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You. Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 408 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
You. Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 408 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /
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You. Amy-Leigh Hickman as Nadia Farran in episode 407 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

You season 4 episode 7 recap: “Good Man, Cruel World”

The seventh episode opens with Joe and Kate going on their first date. As they enjoy each other’s company, Joe can’t help but think about how everything between them will change once Tom Lockwood comes to town the next day. Then, there’s a cut to a flashback of when Joe and Rhys were talking in his apartment about killing Tom. Joe asks Rhys what incriminating information Tom has on him that he wants to kill him. Rhys tells Joe he has nothing to hide, but Joe knows he’s lying, so he decides to get close to Tom to find out how he can take Rhys down.

The flashback ends, and we cut back to Joe and Kate’s date. He takes her to an Indian restaurant he frequents, and they talk about the food and its location. Kate points out that the restaurant is located near an abandoned building, and Joe tells her to take him to a better restaurant then. Their date ends with Joe convincing Kate to let him go to dinner with her father.

The following day at the university, Nadia talks to Edward about her suspicions about Joe. After their conversation, she tries to figure out how to get close to Joe to learn more about him and allay her suspicions. Meanwhile, Joe searches for information about Tom before he meets him later that night for dinner. Based on his research, Joe realizes just how powerful Tom is.

Later at dinner, Tom makes it clear to Joe that he knows who he really is and of his past. Joe tries to appear unbothered and answers all of Tom’s questions. Then, Tom calls a server to bring over a museum model. He explains to Kate that he bought a museum in New York for her as a gift. Overwhelmed by the gift, Kate excuses herself to the restroom. While Kate is gone, Tom starts asking Joe some hard-hitting questions about his ex-wife, Love. He even asks Joe if he’s killed anyone before. Joe answers Tom’s questions the best way he can, and then Tom decides to change the topic to Rhys.

Tom tells Joe to bring him incriminating information on Rhys so that he can take him down and kick him out of the running for mayor. Joe now decides he will team up with Tom and not kill him. This way, he can use him to put Rhys in prison.

Back at Kate’s apartment, Kate tells Phoebe she’ll help put her in a mental hospital since she’s been struggling with her mental health since the stalker situation. Phoebe reluctantly agrees, but then Adam arrives and convinces Phoebe not to go by manipulating and proposing to her.

Later, Joe sets up cameras in his apartment in an attempt to get a taped confession out of Rhys once he comes over. But Rhys quickly notices that he’s being recorded and Joe’s plan fails. Rhys then shows Joe Marienne’s passport and lets him know that if he doesn’t kill Tom within 24 hours, he’s going to kill Marienne. So now Joe decides that he must kill Tom to save Marienne.

Joe invites Tom to the university to kill him since the rooms have no cameras. But, as Joe approaches Tom to stab him with a knife, Tom turns around and realizes what Joe is about to do. So Tom starts talking to Joe about Rhys and then brings up Love again. He tells Joe he believes he killed Love, but knowing this doesn’t seem to bother him. In fact, Tom basically applauds Joe for committing the murder and getting away with it. He then tells Joe that he can help him take down Rhys.

Tom tells Joe that Rhys is hiding at his ex-wife’s house after being accused of fraud. He explains how Rhys is alone and unprotected at his ex-wife’s house. Joe realizes Tom is telling him this information because he wants him to kill Rhys. Tom gives Joe the address to Rhys’s ex-wife’s house and then leaves.

At Joe’s apartment, Nadia breaks in to find information on him. She finds a book and opens it to find a key. Then, she receives photos from Edward of Joe walking down the street with a bag of food from an Indian restaurant. Yes, it’s the same restaurant that Joe and Kate visited on their first date. Nadia decides to visit the Indian restaurant but doesn’t find anything. When she looks around, she sees an abandoned building covered with caution tape and proceeds to enter. This is also the same abandoned building that Kate pointed out to Joe on their first date.

Meanwhile, Joe visits Rhys’s ex-wife’s house to capture Rhys and torture him until he gives information on Marienne’s whereabouts. But Rhys claims he doesn’t know who Marienne is. This angers Joe, and he starts strangling Rhys until he dies. Then, a person that looks exactly like Rhys walks in and talks to Joe. Joe thinks he’s hallucinating, but the Rhys clone tells him he really killed him. He also tells Joe that Marienne is locked up in a cage somewhere.

Back at the abandoned building, Nadia walks into the basement and sees Marienne locked up in a cage. The episode then cuts to the credits.

Written by Crystal George