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You. Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 408 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
You. Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 408 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /
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You. Charlotte Ritchie as Kate in episode 406 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

You season 4 episode 6 recap: “Best of Friends”

The sixth episode opens with Joe lurking in the audience of Rhys’s press conference. Once Rhys finishes answering the public questions, he stares at Joe as he walks past him but doesn’t say anything. In fact, it appears as of Rhys doesn’t even know who Joe is. At this moment, Joe makes it his mission to find irrefutable evidence to stop him. Meanwhile, the photographer whose been watching Joe since previous episodes snaps a photo and stares at him from afar.

Then, there’s a cut to Joe’s apartment and we see Joe searching for where Rhys lives on the internet. However, Joe knows it won’t be easy to break into the apartment because cameras are everywhere. As Joe continues to browse the internet, he overhears a conversation between Kate and Roald outside his door. He walks to his door, looks through the crack, and sees Kate and Roald standing by her apartment. Kate invites Roald to her fundraiser, but Roald declines because he’ll be traveling to St. Barts with his family for a few months. Joe closes his door and then takes his phone out of his pocket to see an invitation from Phoebe to Kate’s charity event at Sundry House.

At Sundry House, Adam tries to sell his expensive cars to a man named Steve because of his financial troubles. Initially, Adam decides not to sell them because Steve wants them for less than their worth. But then Steve makes a deal with Adam that he can’t refuse. Steve will give Adam a costly diamond in exchange for his car collection, but Adam has to also propose to Phoebe. If Phoebe accepts Adam’s proposal, Adam will get to keep the diamond. But if Phoebe rejects Adam’s proposal, Steve will take the diamond back and keep the car collection. They shake on the deal, and then Steve leaves.

Phoebe enters the room and tells Adam she thinks she’s being followed and that someone is watching her. Adam tries to calm Phoebe down but doesn’t really take her seriously. To alleviate Phoebe’s fears, Adam tells Phoebe that she’ll stay with him for now. Later, Joe arrives at his apartment to find Rhys sitting in his living area. Rhys explains his reasoning for killing Malcolm, Simon, and Gemma to Joe. He tells Joe that they would’ve ruined his image and mayoral campaign, so he had to get rid of them. The conversation ends with Rhys blackmailing Joe again. He demands Joe find a person to frame all the murders on or he’ll pin them on him.

Later that night, Joe arrives at Sundry House for Kate’s charity event. The photographer from earlier pretends to be a waitress and watches Joe walk by. Elsewhere in Sundry House, Kate tries to reassure a worried Phoebe that the police will be at the event and watch over them. Joe approaches Kate and Phoebe, and Kate walks away. While conversing, Phoebe gossips about her friends to Joe. Once she talks about Connie, Joe decides that he’ll frame him for Rhys’s murders.

Joe then notices a guy talking to Kate and gets jealous. Phoebe explains that the mystery guy is named Niko and comes from money. Niko flirts with Kate and later buys Simon’s entire art collection to impress her. After some convincing, Kate invites Niko back to her place after the event. Later, Joe decides not to plant Simon’s decomposed ear on Connie because he realizes he’s a good guy. Now he has to find someone else to frame. Elsewhere, the photographer approaches Phoebe and tells her the police asked her to escort her to the safe room.

As Phoebe and the photographer make it to the elevator, Nadia appears and asks Phoebe for a picture together. Phoebe is willing to take the photo, but the photographer tells her they can’t because they need to get to the safe room immediately. As the elevators close, Nadia stares at Phoebe and the photographer and becomes suspicious. She then finds Joe and explains what happened. Joe knows something is wrong and goes to find Phoebe.

In a hotel room, the photographer locks the door and brings Phoebe to a couch to sit down. Phoebe asks the photographer where the police are, and the photographer tells her the police aren’t doing their job to find the killer. She explains that it was her idea to bring Phoebe to the room to protect her. Then, the photographer goes to her bag to get a padlock and put it on the door. Phoebe starts panicking and realizes the photographer is the person who’s been following her. She gets up and walks to the door, but the photographer (Dawn) tells her she’s not going anywhere.

Meanwhile, the police and everyone else downstairs search for Phoebe and Dawn. Phoebe tries to convince Dawn to let her go, but Dawn refuses to do so. Dawn tries to calm Phoebe down, but only makes her more nervous. She asks Phoebe if she remembers the matching tattoos they got together. Phoebe stares at her in confusion because this didn’t actually happen.

Later, Phoebe tries to gain Dawn’s trust and Dawn starts to open up. Dawn explains how she’s been watching Phoebe on television for years and following her social media because she felt a connection between them. At this moment, Phoebe realizes that Dawn is mentally unstable. Dawn then tells Phoebe that Adam is using her for her money. Phoebe doesn’t believe her at first, but she eventually does.

Joe finally arrives at the hotel room and knocks on the door. Dawn refuses to let Joe in at first, but Phoebe convinces her. Once Joe enters the room, he tries to get Dawn to put the knife in her hand down and let Phoebe go. As Dawn speaks, Phoebe grabs her and gets ahold of the knife. The police then barge through the door and grab Dawn. Another police officer goes through Dawn’s bag and finds Simon’s ear. So Joe decided to frame Dawn for all of Rhys’s murders. The police arrest Dawn and take her away. Meanwhile, Nadia stands at the door and stares at Joe in suspicion.

The following day, Adam proposes to Phoebe, but she rejects his proposal because she knows he’s using her for her money. Adam tries to convince Phoebe that he doesn’t want to marry her for her money, but Phoebe doesn’t believe him. She tells him that if he really does love her, he’ll sort out his financial troubles first and then come back to her.

At Kate’s apartment, Kate and Niko make out on her couch until she sees a text pop up on Niko’s phone from her father. Kate realizes Niko works for her father and was sent by him. She then kicks Niko out of her apartment. While drinking a glass of wine, Kate notices Joe staring at her from his apartment. Joe goes to Kate’s apartment, and they come to an understanding before sleeping together.

In the last scene of episode 6, Joe arrives back at his apartment to find Rhys sitting at his table. Rhys explains to Joe that he has one final task for him to do, and then he’ll stop bothering him. Joe is given the task of killing Kate’s father, Tom Lockwood. Then, it cuts to the credits.

Written by Crystal George