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You. Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 408 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
You. Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 408 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /
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You. (L to R) Dario Coates as Connie, Ozioma Whenu as Blessing, Lukas Gage as Adam, Ben Wiggins as Roald in episode 405 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

You season 2 episode 5 recap: “The Fox and the Hound”

The fourth episode ends on an intense note as Joe believes Kate killed Gemma. But as we learn in the opening scene of episode 5, Kate is in the same boat as Joe. She denies killing Gemma and says she’s not a murderer, and Joe agrees to help her cover it up so she’s not framed. Kate doesn’t want to involve the cops or the security guards her father hired, because she feels like her father would “own [her]” over the situation.

Meanwhile, the other characters are having quite the night, with Adam doing excessive amounts of cocaine and Roald on the hunt to find Joe.

Kate suggests they hide Gemma’s body in the game larder and place her into a chest so they can carry her down. But before they’re able to transport the body, Phoebe storms in and starts complaining about her relationship with Adam. Kate and Joe need her out, so Joe quickly tells her that Adam has a sex kink he’s embarrassed about. Kate then tells Phoebe she wants to have sex with Joe so she should leave. Phoebe seems understanding and not suspicious at all, so she goes. Kate and Joe begin to move the chest but Gemma’s body falls right out the bottom. Without a plan B, Joe looks out the window and realizes they can throw Gemma’s body out just like he fell in the episode prior.

They get Gemma’s body to the game larder and then suddenly get into a heated argument, with Kate accusing Joe of being the Eat the Rich killer, saying he hid the body all too easily. Joe then comes clean about Malcolm’s death, explaining that someone’s framing him and sending him the mysterious texts. Opening up further, he tells Kate he was married once and had to leave his son behind, though he doesn’t reveal more than the fact that he has to start over from his past life.

Phoebe goes to confront Adam, telling him she knows he’s hiding a kink from her because Joe informed her. She guesses a few possibilities before correctly naming a golden shower, and she even suggests they try it. But as they get all set up, things quickly become awkward and Adam admits it won’t work with her. He wants the person to be below him, and she gets frustrated, coming to the conclusion that they’re not equals in their relationship. Though they both say they love each other, she breaks up with him.

After Kate and Joe are back up in the house after hiding Gemma’s body, Kate realizes she must’ve lost her bracelet down in the game larder. Her name was engraved on it, so they need to go find it before anyone else does. Joe volunteers to go retrieve it, while Kate goes to her room and sees Phoebe there, looking horrified at the bloody carpet. Kate explains what happened, and Phoebe seems relieved it wasn’t Kate who was killed. Kate urges Phoebe not to tell the others because they couldn’t handle it well, and they decide to send the staff away and tell the security guards that Gemma is missing. We then see that Roald was standing outside of Kate’s door listening to them the whole time.

His breakup with Phoebe sends Adam in a spiral and he tells Roald he’s looking for Joe, angry that he spilled his secret. He also tells Roald that Joe’s having sex with Kate, something that enrages Roald. A staff worker comes in and informs Roald that they know where Joe is, and he goes to the game larder to find him.

Joe is startled to discover Roald behind him with a gun pointed at him, and Roald brings him to the rest of the group to expose him as the Eat the Rich killer. Unfortunately for Roald, however, no one takes him seriously and at first even laughs him off. Roald then reveals that Gemma’s dead, and tries to convince everyone that Joe’s the one responsible. Joe tries to pin the murders on Roald, saying he hated Malcolm. Adam’s belligerent and calls Joe a murderer, to which Joe retaliates by punching him and knocking him out.

Roald then decides to give Joe a head start in his hunt, telling him to start running before he goes after him to kill him. Joe runs out to the woods and eventually gets the upper hand by approaching Roald from the back and attacking him. Meanwhile, Kate and Phoebe show up to the rest of the group and ask what happened. Kate orders security to go help Joe.

After Joe attacks Roald, he’s surprised by Rhys who shows up out of nowhere. Rhys picks up the gun and says “hello, Joe” before knocking him out.

Joe wakes up in a dungeon-like room where he and Roald are chained up, where he finally realizes who the Eat the Rich killer is. It’s Rhys! Rhys is the one who has been sending him the text messages. Joe asks him why, and Rhys explains that he’s done a lot of digging on Joe and felt inspired by his ability to evade punishment for his crimes. He wants to pin all the murders on Roald but tasks Joe with killing him first.

Rhys doesn’t unchain Joe and tells him to simply figure out how to kill Roald. While Joe thinks to himself that Roald deserves to die, he doesn’t want to take orders from Rhys. But before he can do anything at all, he has to break out of the chains.

When Rhys returns, he says his plan A was to frame Joe for Malcolm’s murder, and he’s still considering going with that. If Joe doesn’t kill Roald, that is. As Rhys walks out again, he kicks over a candle stick and starts a fire.

Tired of waiting inside, Kate decides she’s going outside to find Joe. Adam wakes up in Phoebe’s arms and they make up before the group starts smelling smoke outside.

Down in the dungeon, Roald wakes up and Joe is finally able to break free. Surprisingly, Joe decides he’s going to help Roald and breaks his chains as well. They attempt to get out from the ceiling but don’t have much luck until Kate appears and saves them. The group then watches from outside as the mansion goes up in flames.

Back in London, Joe tries to deal with his new reality knowing it was Rhys watching him and committing the murders. Kate knocks on Joe’s door and invites him out for drinks at the pub, but Joe turns her down. Though he might have feelings for her, he doesn’t want her to get any closer to him with Rhys around. He tells her he doesn’t want to hurt her, which is true (just not the whole truth), and she’s left really frustrated.

After she leaves, Joe continues watching the news and learns that Rhys is running for mayor of London. Joe decides he needs to stop Rhys as soon as possible, and that’s where the episode ends. Joe’s on a mission now to take Rhys down, though we’re sure that will be easier said than done.

Written by Natalie Zamora