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You. Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 408 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
You. Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 408 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /
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You. Charlotte Ritchie as Kate in episode 403 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

You season 2 episode 3 recap: “Eat the Rich”

The third episode begins with Joe frantically taking down all the news articles off his wall while receiving multiple text messages from the anonymous texter. To make sure his stalker can’t enter his flat again, he changes the locks on his door. He also decides he will start ignoring his stalker’s text messages.

Later at the university, Joe teaches a lesson but is interrupted by a student to inform him that news just broke about Malcolm being murdered. Based on the article, people believe Malcolm’s murder is connected to the murder of Simon. The killer even has a name now, “the eat-the-rich killer.” Malcolm’s finger was sent to the police by the killer with a note saying, “This is not a kidnapping. This is a murder.” Joe then realizes that his stalker/anonymous texter kept Malcolm’s finger so that he could force him to continue playing his sick game. He knows he can’t ignore his stalker anymore now.

Back at Joe’s flat, Joe looks out his window and sees Kate speaking with the police in her flat. Kate notices Joe staring at her from his window, so she calls him. Joe tells her he wants to offer his condolences about Malcolm, but Kate tells him it’s not necessary because the police are on their way to his flat.

The police question Joe about when was the last time he saw Malcolm, and after Joe answers them, they mention that Joe was the last person to see Malcolm alive. Joe quickly comes up with a lie to get the police off his back and it seems to work. Once the police leave, Joe receives a text from his stalker saying that Kate is a threat and that Joe should kill her.

Joe doesn’t want to kill Kate, but he thinks his stalker will, so he keeps his eye on Kate to ensure she doesn’t become the next victim. Joe also realizes that if his stalker’s next target is Kate, he’ll finally be able to track them down by constantly following her. Later, Joe discovers Nadia was having a secret affair with Malcolm.

At Simon’s funeral, Joe watches the circle of friends trying to figure out who in the friend group is the killer and his stalker. Once the funeral is over, Joe and the friend group go to Sundry House. Joe is approached by Vic, who lets him know that he’s suspicious of him and will figure out what his real intentions are for hanging out around Phoebe and Adam’s friend group. He then receives a text from his stalker asking why he hasn’t killed Kate yet. Joe looks around and notices Kate is missing, so he goes outside to find her. He finds her, but they don’t talk long and Kate leaves.

Joe follows Kate all the way to a pub. He tells her he doesn’t think it’s good for her to be alone since a killer is targeting her and her friends. Joe even hints at someone in Kate’s friend group being the killer, but Kate doesn’t believe any of her friends are capable of murder. Eventually, Kate opens up to Joe and even asks him to follow her to a secret spot. The secret spot is a hidden garden where Kate and Malcolm used to drink and hook up. Kate comes on to Joe and propositions him for sex. Initially, Joe tries to reject Kate’s advances, but he ends up giving in to his sexual urges. Meanwhile, Vic secretly watches Joe and Kate hook up from afar.

Joe wakes up at Kate’s flat on her couch. While walking around the flat, he finds Kate sleeping in her bed. So, he decides to snoop around Malcolm’s office to find a love letter that Nadia had written to Malcolm. But once he finds the letter, Kate catches him in the act. Fortunately, Joe is able to keep the letter, but Kate kicks him out of her flat.

While standing outside Kate’s flat, Joe receives multiple text messages from his stalker. The stalker taunts Joe and tells him that they think he likes how it feels to kill. Joe denies it, so his stalker tells him they’ll show him that he does. Initially, Joe is confused by what his stalker means by this, but once he sees Kate get in her car, he figures it out and follows her.

Joe follows Kate to a crypt, where she talks to a box containing Malcolm’s finger. Once Kate leaves, Joe comes out of hiding but is caught by Vic. Vic confronts Joe about why he’s following Kate and then finds Malcolm’s ring in his pocket. Joe realizes his stalker put the ring in his pocket to frame him. Vic and Joe then start tussling on the floor. The fight ends with Joe strangling Vic with his own tie, ultimately killing him. Then, he takes Vic’s dead body to Simon’s gravesite and buries him with his casket.

Joe arrives back at his flat and starts receiving text messages from his stalker. While texting his stalker, Joe realizes the reason his stalker is bothering him is that he’s lonely and wants a friend. Joe then decides he will pretend to be his stalker’s friend so that he can eventually meet him in person.

The following day, Joe receives a text from Phoebe asking him to meet her at Sundry House. But before he leaves his flat, he gets a visit from Nadia. He returns her letter, and then Nadia leaves. As he’s about to leave his flat, Joe receives a text from his stalker. His stalker tells him it’s time for them to finally meet and that they’ll provide details on when and where soon. Joe then makes his way to Sundry House.

As Joe walks through the door, he sees the entire friend group standing by the bar. Then, the police walk up to Joe, asking to speak with him. What could they want?

Written by Crystal George