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You. Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 408 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
You. Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 408 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /
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You. (L-R) Ed Speleers as Rhys, Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 410 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

You season 4 episode 10 recap: “The Death of Jonathan Moore”

Trigger Warning: Suicide

The finale of You season 4 opens on a grim note following the final moments of episode 9. Joe fully intends to take his own life but has a few things he needs to do first. He wants to help out Marienne as best as he can, despite thinking she’s dead, and he puts her body out on a bench where she’ll be found. He wants to give her daughter Juliette closure.

At the university, Joe is in the middle of class when his students’ phones start buzzing. According to the latest headlines, Rhys was found dead out in the woods. This, of course, makes Joe nervous.

Nadia and Eddie meet up and Nadia has a lot of explaining to do. She confides in him and tells him that she’s suspicious of Joe, showing him an article about Love’s alleged murder-suicide. She takes Eddie to Joe’s secret building but once they get downstairs the cage is gone.

Back at his flat, Joe begins writing a suicide note and his vision of Rhys tries to talk him out of it. He suggests that maybe Tom was setting him up, but before Joe can finish his letter he gets a text from Kate, telling him to come over. When Joe arrives Kate is drunk, and she says that she visited Phoebe at the hospital. She also then explains everything going on with her father, noting she thinks her dad could’ve had something to do with Rhys’ murder, though he wouldn’t have left the body somewhere it could be found unless it was on purpose.

Kate explains how her father has been controlling her whole life, and that she was planning on skipping town and breaking up with Joe by text message. She admits she’s been falling in love with Joe and is extremely upset by everything her father told her. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Joe’s vision of Rhys asks him. Of course, he’s thinking they should kill Tom Lockwood.

And surprisingly, when Joe gets back home and Rhys suggests it again, Joe agrees. It’s time to kill Kate’s father. Joe puts together a plan, revealing that he stole Kate’s cell phone, and then sends Tom a message. He asks him to meet at his workshop, and Tom, thinking it’s his daughter, quickly agrees.

When Tom arrives at the workshop, Joe sneaks in and attempts to run up behind him, but Tom catches him. Joe decides to play it cool, claiming he was the one who sent the text message because he wanted to talk about Rhys. There’s DNA on Rhys’ body, but Tom says he shouldn’t worry about it. He has so much power, Joe won’t get caught. Before long, Joe is able to get the upper hand and knocks Tom out with what seems to be chloroform or another type of chemical.

Joe ties Tom up in a chair and when he wakes up, they start talking about Kate, but their conversation is interrupted when Tom’s bodyguard Hugo shows up. Joe quickly kills him, which makes Tom desperate. He tries to make Joe an offer, telling him he’ll fix his life financially and help him go back to America as Joe Goldberg. No more hiding. Joe asks if he thinks he can buy him, to which Tom says he’ll be saving him. But Joe doesn’t want to hear it. He puts a bag over Tom’s head and suffocates him.

Joe looks through Tom’s things at his workshop, trying to figure out how he can blame someone else for his death. He flips through his books and notes and figures out Tom’s bank account information, deciding to stage his death so it looks like Hugo was trying to rob Tom and ended up killing him. Joe buries Hugo’s body and notes that this will be the “last corpse I ever have to bury.” We’ll see about that.

The next morning, Joe walks out by the water and contemplates jumping off the bridge. His vision of Rhys tells him not to do it, explaining that everyone feels like a bad person and he should just get over the shame he’s carrying and move on with his life. Kate starts calling Joe, but Joe tosses his phone in the water. He then throws Rhys over the bridge, stands up on the railing, and jumps down himself. As he hits the water, he regrets his actions and wishes he had more time with Kate.

Meanwhile, Nadia and Eddie are investigating Joe, trying to build a case that he’s the Eat the Rich Killer. Nadia finally explains everything she knows about Joe, including the incident with Marienne. Now, the viewers find out what actually happened to their plan. According to Nadia, the two women also came up with a Plan B if Nadia wasn’t able to bring the supplies in time. That would be to kill Marienne, or at least make it look to Joe that she’s dead.

The women changed Marienne’s friend Beatrice’s number in her phone to Nadia’s, that way Nadia would be staging the text conversation that Joe eventually has. They also switched out the pills in the cage to beta blockers, which slow down your heart rate. The way Marienne and Nadia saw it, if Marienne took enough, it would seem like she was dead. Sure, the plan was very dangerous, but in the end, it worked!

After Joe thought Marienne had died and he brought her out to the bench, Nadia showed up and woke her up, saving her life.

After explaining all of this to Eddie, the two decide to sneak into Joe’s flat to try and find evidence.

Joe wakes up in the hospital after attempting to kill himself and his vision of Rhys is no longer there. Kate shows up and is angry with him for what he did, saying she wouldn’t forgive him if he died. Joe then opens up about his past, reminding her that he’s done horrible things. But he takes it a step further this time and confesses that he’s killed people. Kate tells Joe that her father is dead, admitting she knows that he made Joe kill Rhys.

Kate also explains that her father left everything to her, including his business and all of his assets, making her extremely rich. With this new wealth and power, Kate wants to help Joe. But he has to tell her everything. He starts by revealing his real name.

But while Joe’s life is seemingly looking up, there’s still Nadia and Eddie trying to expose him. Nadia sneaks into his flat and looks around, trying to find anything incriminating. She eventually discovers a box of Rhys’ things and takes photos of everything. She successfully sneaks out of the flat, but when she gets out to the street, Eddie’s nowhere to be found. Instead, Joe suddenly appears.

Joe sneaks up behind Nadia, scaring her and making her drop her phone on the ground. Joe picks it up and finds all the photos she took. He says he figured she’d be the one to figure him out, claiming he won’t hurt her. He offers her money to keep her quiet before the scene cuts away.

Through his narration, Joe provides the viewers with updates on the friend group, explaining that Blessing and Sophie bought Sundry House after Adam died, Roald shot his friend in a hunting accident but his family covered it up, Connie didn’t last in rehab, and Phoebe is now teaching children English in Thailand.

Marienne is back home safe with Juliette, but is disturbed to see a news article on her phone all about Joe, titled “A Brush With Death, a New Life in Philanthropy: How Joe Goldberg Escaped Killer Love Quinn.” This, understandably, makes her super angry. He’s gotten away with everything again.

We then cut to Joe and Kate being interviewed for a story as we learn that Kate used her newfound wealth to bribe people and scrub everything bad from Joe’s life. He can now resume his real identity and is being hailed a hero. In this case, money really can make anything go away. Joe is told his story is “incredible,” while the couple reveals Kate is now running her dad’s business and Joe bought a bookstore.

The show provides a flashback to Joe and Nadia’s conversation before the credits start to roll, and we find out Joe has reverted back to his worst, truly evil self. In the street, Nadia backs up from Joe and falls down on the sidewalk, horrified to find Eddie lying there dead with his throat cut. Joe hands Nadia the murder weapon, telling her no one will believe her if she speaks out against him. He frames Eddie as the one who killed Rhys, which provides a motive for why Nadia would kill her own boyfriend. As Joe explains, Nadia is now in prison but she refuses to talk.

In the final moments of the episode, Joe explains in his narration that yes, he’s still a killer, but now that he’s honest with himself, he feels okay about it. As he looks out the window, his reflection turns into another vision of Rhys, meaning he probably can’t shake his inner demons for long.

You season 4 certainly ends on a surprising note. Joe has always hated the rich and entitled, but now he decides to become one of them just so he can continue being a serial killer? I didn’t see that coming. The final episode sets up what should be an interesting storyline come You season 5. If the show is renewed, of course.

All 10 episodes of You season 4 are currently streaming on Netflix.

Written by Natalie Zamora

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