Is Elizabeth Lail (Beck) in You season 4 part 2?

You season 1 Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix
You season 1 Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix /

Now that the last episodes of You season 4 are available to stream on Netflix, you’re probably speeding your way through them to get to the episode where Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) appears. Don’t worry. We’re guilty of this too. But with Love unexpectedly popping up in the fourth season, you might be wondering if any more of Joe’s old flames return, such as Beck (Elizabeth Lail).

Beck was Joe’s first obsession from season 1. Ultimately, she meets her demise in the season 1 finale, but her murder takes place off-camera. In season 2, she returns as a hallucination in Joe’s mind, and we find out that he killed her by strangulation. The last time we see Beck is in the final episode of season 2, where she appears in a flashback.

We had hoped that we’d see Beck make an appearance in the third season, whether through another hallucination or flashback, but this didn’t happen. But once the You season 4 part 2 trailer dropped and Love Quinn appeared in it, we started to believe that just maybe we’d see Beck come back too. So, is Beck in the fourth season? Find out below!

Spoilers from You season 4 part 2 ahead!

Is Elizabeth Lail (Beck) in You season 4 part 2?

Yes, Beck appears as another hallucination in Joe’s mind in episode 9. After Marienne starts to have a severe allergic reaction, Joe tries to unlock the glass cage she’s in to save her but can’t remember the code. He then notices the cage has a keyhole, meaning that if he finds the key, he can set Marienne free. This is when he starts to hallucinate.

First, he imagines he’s talking to Gemma. She has the key in her hand, but once Joe tries to reach for it, he disappears and reappears in another dream. In the new dream, he finds himself in a room full of faceless people. He sees Beck standing at a podium, talking to the faceless people sitting in chairs. But then Beck looks up and notices Joe standing in front of her.

She asks Joe what he did this time, and Joe replies by saying that he put Marienne in a cage. Joe apologizes to Beck for killing her and tells her he’s trying to fix his past mistakes by saving Marienne. However, Beck tells Joe he doesn’t save people and begins to put the key in her mouth. As Joe reaches out to stop her, he disappears and reappears in a new dream. Sadly, Beck doesn’t make another appearance in the fourth season after episode 9.

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