Perfect Match season 1: Are Dom and Georgia still together?

Perfect Match. (L to R) Dom Gabriel, Georgia Hassarati in episode 06 of Perfect Match. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix / © 2023 Netflix, Inc.
Perfect Match. (L to R) Dom Gabriel, Georgia Hassarati in episode 06 of Perfect Match. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix / © 2023 Netflix, Inc. /

Perfect Match season 1 has wrapped its 12-episode run and fans are dying to know if any of the couples from the show are still together. Seeing as Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati won the whole season, it makes sense why people would be particularly invested in them as a couple.

The season ends with multiple couples together, including Shayne Jansen/Chloe Veitch, Kariselle Snow/Joey Sasso, and more, but Dom and Georgia ended up winning over the majority of houseguests who voted them as the winners.

Thanks to their win, Dom and Georgia were awarded a fancy vacation anywhere they wanted to go. Hopefully, we’ll get more details on where they decided to take their trip to soon! Keep reading to find out what we know about Dom and Georgia’s current relationship status as of February 2023.

Perfect Match: Are Dom and Georgia still together?

Unfortunately, no, Dom and Georgia are not together, and that has been apparent for a while. I’m not sure if Perfect Match had lax rules when it came to contracts or NDAs, but Georgia has been open about her relationship with former Too Hot to Handle star Harry Jowsey for several weeks now.

Both Harry and Georgia have shared videos and photos of each other on their Instagram and TikTok accounts, so they clearly don’t mind if Perfect Match fans know Georgia has moved on. I’m sure those who were rooting for Dom and Georgia to make it work will be disappointed, but they both seem to be happy.

We don’t know why they broke up yet, I assume that we’ll get more information on what happened between them and what led to their break up in the days or weeks to come.

Remember, Perfect Match was filmed in the first half of 2022, so it has been a long time since the show wrapped filming and then actually aired. It’s not clear how long Georgia and Dom were together before breaking up, but Georgia and Harry appear to have rekindled recently.

Perfect Match: Why did Dom and Georgia break up?

It sounds like long-distance played a significant part in Dom and Georgia’s break-up. Georgia lives in Brisbane, Australia, while Dom is from Toronto, Canada, that’s a hard obstacle to tackle.

Dom told Today: “I think after the show there’s a lot of things that you have to take into account, such as distance. And going from being in a house with cameras around you all the time is tough. We’re on good terms and there’s no bad blood there.”

Also chatting with Today, Georgia said that she loved her time with Dom.

“He’s a great person and I wouldn’t change anything. However, now we’re not together at the moment,” she said.

Georgia is back together with her ex, Harry Jowsey.

Perfect Match: Are Georgia and Francesca still friends?

Funnily enough, Francesca Farago is now close friends with Dom Gabriel despite their falling out on the show. Francesca and Dom have appeared in several TikTok videos together, and Francesca has told her fans in the comments that they’re good friends now. She’s also close to her castmates Chloe Veitch and Kariselle Snow.

Unfortunately, even though Georgia and Francesca appeared to start off as friends on Perfect Match, they grew apart after Francesca moved on with Damian Powers and Dom moved on with Georgia. And now Georgia is dating Francesca’s ex-boyfriend, Harry Jowsey.

In the comments section on one of Francesca’s TikTok videos, someone wrote they were curious if she and Georgia were still friends and Francesca replied: “With her current relationship we can all assume that’s a no.”

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