Is Cocaine Bear coming to Netflix? (where to watch Cocaine Bear)

Cocaine Bear - Courtesy Universal Pictures
Cocaine Bear - Courtesy Universal Pictures /

Cocaine Bear is a film that audiences never saw coming, but are thoroughly enjoying every single second of it, nevertheless.

The 2023 film follows the events that follow after a wild bear comes across a lethal dosage of cocaine in the middle of the forest. Intoxicated, the bear proceeds to go on a rampage, destroying everything and anything in its path. The authorities work relentlessly to not only figure out a way to prevent any more disasters but also uncover just where and how the drugs came about in the first place.

See the official trailer for Cocaine Bear below.

Like many, this intriguing plot is more of enough of a reason to catch this title. But if you can’t head to your local movie theater, here’s where you can stream every second of the film.

Is Cocaine Bear streaming on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Cocaine Bear isn’t streaming on Netflix. And from the looks of it, the title won’t arrive on the streaming platform any time soon.

Even so, there are many Netflix originals that are similar to the 2023 film, such as The Legend of Cocaine IslandHow to Sell Drugs Online (Fast), and Narcos.

Hopefully, there will be a day when we can see the thriller on Netflix. Until then, read on to learn where you may be able to stream Cocaine Bear.

Where to stream Cocaine Bear

As of today, no streaming platforms are housing Cocaine Bear. Still, we expect the film to stream on Amazon Prime Video or Peacock, as other titles produced by Universal Pictures are available on these sites.

Vudu and The Roku Channel are other possible sites, so stay tuned to find out where the film will go after its theatrical release.

We’re already huge fans of Cocaine Bear, and we know you will be, too! Be sure to check back in with us for more updates, or head to the theaters to catch the 2023 title.

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