Do the Pogues find El Dorado in Outer Banks season 3?

Outer Banks. Madison Bailey as Kiara in episode 301 of Outer Banks. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2023
Outer Banks. Madison Bailey as Kiara in episode 301 of Outer Banks. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2023 /

Outer Banks season 3 has finally arrived and there is so much to love about the new season, a season that proved to definitely be worth the wait!

The new season of Outer Banks is nothing short of incredible. From the heart-racing action scenes to the emotionally charged moments, the show delivers everything fans could hope for and more. The characters continue to grow and evolve, with even more complex relationships and storylines. With its stunning cinematography and compelling storyline, the show keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish thanks largely to this season’s central storyline and the treasure hunt our favorite Pogues embark on.

Spoilers ahead for Outer Banks season 3.

In the new season of Outer Banks, the return of John B’s dad, Big John, sends the Pogues down an unexpected path as they collectively work on solving one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in history: the location of El Dorado. Across the season, we see John B and the Pogues putting together the pieces of the puzzle which are believed to reveal the location of the lost city of gold.

The pieces of the puzzle end up leading the Pogues to South America — that’s right, the Pogues officially become international treasure hunters this season — where they come together in hopes of finding a treasure that would make the Royal Merchant’s $400 million in gold look like chump change. But does their search actually yield any results or did the final prove El Dorado to be nothing more than an urban legend?

OBX 3 ending explained: Do the Pogues find El Dorado?

As the OBX 3 finale begins, the Pogues make their way to South America with their primary mission being to first locate Big John and rescue him from Carlos Singh’s men. With some quick thinking, John B and Sarah are able to rescue Big John who is able to escape with the gnomon which is a key element on the journey they’re about to embark on.

After freeing Big John, John B shows his dad the letter Pope and Cleo discovered in Denmark Tanny’s belongings which later proves to be the key to solving the mystery location of where El Dorado is said to be located. With time not on their side, Big John, John B, and Sarah have to head out without the rest of the Pogues and get an unexpected tag-along in Ward, who overheard their plan.

Ward eventually chooses to stay behind, as the rest of the group begins a trek up a mountain in search of the dig site. Luckily, they’re able to make it to the site in time which is when they discover four columns marking the cardinal directions as well as the temalacatl which the gnomon fits into. When the moon finally hits the right spot, the gnomon begins to light up helping to give them the clues needed to track down the location of El Dorado.

After a brush with Singh’s men and Ward, John B, Sarah, and Big John set out to try to continue their quest which eventually leads them to a mysterious cave in the jungle. Within it, they discover an opening and John B and Sarah head off to explore — leaving an injured Big John behind to keep watch.

Upon entering the cave, John B and Sarah wade deeper into it until they reach what appears to be a dead end. Only it’s then that Sarah realizes part of the gnomon’s riddle “The true and patient seeker needs not light to see,” suggests darkness is needed to see the path which is when Sarah sees a phosphorescence rock that, upon being touched, reveals an opening. They quickly pass through and come across a cliff that required them to jump across, but proves worth it. After clearing the gap, they find another entry that leads them to the lost city of El Dorado!

That’s right, the Pogues actually manage to find El Dorado in the season 3 finale which is a major win for the group and proves their journey hadn’t been for nothing! In fact, by the time the season ends — after a crazy sequence of events — their discovery is shared with the rest of the world as they’re honored for doing the impossible and finding El Dorado.

Outer Banks season 3 is streaming now on Netflix.

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