Outer Banks season 3: What has no tongue but is always speaking?

Outer Banks. (L to R) Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron, Chase Stokes as John B in episode 301 of Outer Banks. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2023
Outer Banks. (L to R) Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron, Chase Stokes as John B in episode 301 of Outer Banks. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2023 /

The much-anticipated second season of the hit Netflix series Outer Banks is finally arriving, much to the delight of fans around the world. This adventure-packed show follows a group of teenagers from the Outer Banks of North Carolina as they hunt for treasure and uncover a web of secrets and deception.

Season three promises to be just as thrilling as the two seasons with the stakes even higher as the group races to find a legendary treasure before their enemies do. Along the way, they face new challenges and encounter new allies and foes… well, more foes than allies, but hey there are some friendly faces along the way.

The cast once again brings their A-games, bringing the characters to life in a way that continues to capture the hearts of viewers everywhere as we dive deeper into the emotional and complicated relationships between the Pogues and their families. The new season is an absolute wild ride full of adventure, suspense, and plenty of mysteries including the one that has likely brought you here today!

Warning: Outer Banks season 3 spoilers ahead. 

Across the third season of Outer Banks, Big John and the Pogues embark on a journey to find El Dorado. Along the way, the Pogues and Big John uncover several key clues that eventually lead them to South America and pave the way for an epic final quest.

In the season finale, Big John, John B, and Sarah make it to the site where the temalacatl is located. Upon fitting the Gnomon into the center of the temalacatl as the moon hits its zenith. As the moon hits the gnomon, symbols start lighting up which when translated informs them if they have the wisdom, they will reveal the wealth of the earth. They’re then presented with the riddle, “I have no tongue but am always speaking.”

Outer Banks riddle explained: What has no tongue but is always speaking?

The answer to this riddle is “an echo.” An echo has no tongue but is always speaking. It is the reflection of sound waves that bounce off surfaces and return to the listener’s ear, creating the illusion of a repeated sound. Whether in a canyon or an empty hallway, an echo is always present, speaking without words.

Within the context of Outer Banks, the riddle’s clue of an echo is connected to a cave which Sarah, John B, and Big John stumble upon after translating the gnomon’s clues and seeking out the possible location of El Dorado.

Upon investigating the cave, John B and Sarah stumble upon what seems to be a dead end but ends up being connected to the other riddle the gnomon provided, “The true and patient seeker needs not light to see.” As we discover, once the light from the flare has been extinguished, a phosphorescence rock lights in the dark which unveils an opening that ends up leading John B and Sarah directly to the lost city of El Dorado and its gold.

Outer Banks season 3 is streaming now on Netflix.

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