Perfect Match Abbey Humphreys age, Instagram, TikTok, height, job, where you know her from, and more

Twentysomethings: Austin. Abbey Humphreys in Twentysomethings: Austin. Cr. Netflix © 2021
Twentysomethings: Austin. Abbey Humphreys in Twentysomethings: Austin. Cr. Netflix © 2021 /

Abbey Humphreys from Netflix’s Twentysomethings: Austin is a bombshell beauty with tons of love to go around, and we can’t get enough of her, so we were super excited to see that she is one of several Netflix reality stars returning for the new dating competition series Perfect Match.

She’s funny, spunky, and super relatable in her mistakes, which is why she slowly climbed the ranks as a fan favorite on Twentysomethings. It’s no wonder she was chosen to return for a new Netflix series.

Though the rest of her co-stars are honestly amazing in their own right, Abbey may be your all-time fave, and if she is, then you absolutely have to know all about her age, Instagram, and much more before seeing her in action in Perfect Match. Keep reading to find out everything we know about the reality star.

Perfect Match Abbey Humphreys age

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Abbey Humprehys was reportedly born in 1995, which would make her about 27 or 28 in 2023. According to her TikTok bio, she’s a Gemini.

Perfect Match Abbey Humphreys height

Abbey is 5 feet 3 inches with short blond hair and green eyes.

Perfect Match Abbey Humphreys Instagram

Abbey’s Instagram certainly reflects her personality on the show as it is full of love, family, and light. She currently has a total of 70.6k followers on her Instagram, but that number is expected to double once she wins the hearts of fans all over the nation. Go ahead to give Abbey a follow to learn so much more about this new Netflix reality star!

Perfect Match Abbey Humphreys job

At this time, Abbey’s current job is known as, but at the time of filming, she was unemployed. However, based on her social media, we can tell that she’s an adventurer full-time, searching for good vibes and great weather.

Perfect Match Abbey Humphreys TikTok

If you want to learn more about Abbey, be sure to give her TikTok a follow. She has more than 160k followers and seems to be very active on there with lots of hilarious and relatable videos, many of which showcase her pride in being a bilingual bisexual babe!

Catch Abbey Humphreys in Perfect Match, streaming right now only on Netflix.

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