Aggretsuko season 6: Is another season happening?

Aggretsuko season 5. Cr: Netflix.
Aggretsuko season 5. Cr: Netflix. /

If there’s anything that Aggretsuko taught us, it’s that it’s never too late to begin again.

When we first met the anime’s protagonist, Retsuko, she was at a dead-end job, desperate for something that could bring a spark to her humdrum life. Rather than continue to live her monotonous life, she found solace in expressing herself through heavy metal. Since then, her life has been far from boring.

As the seasons passed, we watched Retsuko make mistakes and correct them. And with season 5, we’ve observed how everything led to Retsuko’s decision to run for political office.

Of course, we’re not going to give away how this character’s story concludes and if she ever successfully gets into politics. But we can share whether this is the last you will see of Retsuko. Or if there is a potential to see what else lies in store for our favorite red panda.

Here’s everything to know about Aggretsuko season 6!

Will Aggretsuko ever return for season 6?

Unfortunately, the fifth season of Aggretsuko will be the final season.

As we said before, Retsuko’s story was well-fleshed out with a definite beginning, middle, and—now with season 5—ending.

To that end, we can’t expect for the creators behind this anime to drag the story on forever.

Nevertheless, seeing that Aggretsuko received a Christmas spinoff, we wouldn’t put it beside Netflix to release a separate installment of the anime. Whether following another character’s life or going back in time before the events of season 1, the possibilities for spinoffs are endless.

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