Does Joe find Marienne in You season 4 part 1?

You. Tati Gabrielle as Marienne in episode 401 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
You. Tati Gabrielle as Marienne in episode 401 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

You season 4 part 1 is finally available to stream on Netflix, and of course, we didn’t waste any time binge-watching the entire first part. A lot happened in part 1, so you might have questions. Actually, we’ve been seeing a question concerning Joe and Marienne. People want to know if Joe finds Marienne in You season 4 part 1. Luckily, we know the answer and shared it below.

You season 4 takes place in the United Kingdom. More specifically, London, England. Joe moves to London and goes by a new identity. His new name is Jonathan Moore, and he’s a professor at a university. He’s focused on building a new life and attempts to keep a low profile. But, of course, with a past like Joe’s, it’s bound to be dug up eventually.

Although Joe wants to start over with a clean slate, he just can’t forget about Marienne. If you recall, the third season comes to a close with Joe traveling to Paris to find her. Unfortunately, Joe doesn’t find Marienne in the season 3 finale, but that doesn’t mean he gives up. In You season 4 part 1, viewers see flashbacks of Joe still on the search for Marienne. But does he actually end up finding her?

Spoilers ahead from You season 4 part 1.

Does Joe find Marienne in You season 4 part 1?

Yes, Joe does find Marienne but not in Paris. Through flashbacks, we find out that Joe searched all over Paris for months to find Marienne but constantly came up empty. Then, one day, he notices a painting of Marienne’s on display outside but doesn’t see her. So, he asks an artist nearby how he could get in contact with Marienne, and the artist tells him that she’s currently in London for an art fair. Joe then leaves Paris for London.

At the art fair, Joe spots Marienne talking to another artist. Marienne feels someone staring at her, so she turns around. But she wasn’t expecting to see Joe. Marienne smiles at Joe, but once Joe approaches her, she runs away. Joe chases after Marienne, and they end up in the stairwell of a building. They have an intense conversation, with Joe confessing to killing Love, Marienne’s ex-husband Ryan, and others. The conversation ends with Marienne calling Joe a murderer and Joe telling Marienne that he’s going to prove to her he’s a changed man. Surprisingly, Joe doesn’t kill Marienne and instead lets her go.

Later, Joe is given the task of killing Marienne by Elliot. Elliot tells Joe that in order to start his new life in London, he must kill Marienne first. However, Joe doesn’t actually go through with it. Instead, he steals Marienne’s necklace as she walks to the train. He sends a photo of the necklace to Elliot to prove to him that he finished the job even though he didn’t.

All of this happened in the first episode of the season. Sadly, we don’t see Marienne again in part 1. But we’re keeping our fingers crossed that she shows up in You season 4 part 2.

You season 4 part 1 is streaming now only on Netflix.

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