Netflix Infiesto ending explained: What happened to the kidnapped children?

Infiesto. Iria del Río and Isak Férriz in Infiesto. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
Infiesto. Iria del Río and Isak Férriz in Infiesto. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

If you’re not tired of pandemic stories, then Netflix’s dark Spanish thriller Infiesto might be a great movie to watch when you have time. This ominous tale is set at the very beginning of the pandemic during the start of the global lockdown.

Spoilers ahead for the Netflix movie Infiesto

When a young girl is kidnapped and reappears three months later, two dogged detectives are called in to find out what happened to her. During their investigation, they discover a disturbing pattern connected to a sinister ritual and a few truly twisted individuals.

Keep reading to find out what happens at the end of Infiesto.

Infiesto ending: What did the pandemic have to do with the kidnappings?

The cult kidnapping kids believed the pandemic was a sign of the end of times or the impending apocalypse.

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Infiesto ending: Who kidnapped Saioa and the others and why?

A cult led by “The Prophet” started kidnapping teenagers to sacrifice as part of a ritual to appease the Celtic god Taranis to earn salvation from the apocalypse.

We learn that the cult has been operating for a long time, but the recent kidnappings are related to the pandemic and the cult’s belief that the end is nigh. The cult has believed that the apocalypse is coming for a long time, so they’ve been kidnapping teens from all over Spain consistently every three months to keep the cops from easily connecting the missing kids.

The onset of the pandemic seems to make the cult leaders believe they’re doing the right thing, as they believe it’s a sign of the end of the world. The Prophet is the cult’s leader but works alongside his two right-hand men, the Dog Killer and the Demon. The Dog Killer commits suicide early in the movie, and the Demon is taken into custody.

Infiesto ending: Who is Lidia Vega?

At one point in the movie, Castro notices a hooded figure lingering outside the police station. When she confronts them, she discovers a blond woman named Lidia Vega. We later learn that Lidia bears the same branding mark on her chest that Saioa has on her back. It’s the symbol of the cult. Lidia was part of the cult as a teenager, and she’s reveals The Prophet’s identity.

Infiesto ending: Who is The Prophet?

The Prophet is Officer Ramos from a place called Infiesto. Ramos tricks Samuel into accompanying him to Infiesto to find The Prophet. By the time Castro finds out the truth and texts Samuel to warn him, it’s too late for her to save him.

Infiesto ending: What happens to Castros’s husband Carlos?

Castro’s husband, Carlos, contracted COVID-19 early on. He gets steadily worse throughout the film, to the point he has to be hospitalized and placed on a ventilator. But Carlos recovers and makes it out of the movie alive.

Infiesto ending: What happens to Samuel Garcia?

Officer Ramos/The Prophet shoots and kills Samuel at Infiesto after taking him there under false pretenses.

What happens at the end of Infiesto?

Once Castro learns who The Prophet is and that Samuel went with him to Infiesto, she and several other cops arrive at the location. Unfortunately, they’re too late to save Samuel, but they notice an abandoned mine nearby.

Castro goes into the mine (why did she go down there alone!?) and finds The Prophet’s lair and the latest kidnapping victim, the nurse from the hospital. Castro confronts The Prophet, managing to shoot him when he gets distracted by an alarm. The detective saves the nurse before she becomes the latest sacrifice.

What happens to the other kidnapped teenagers in Infiesto?

The movie doesn’t explicitly say what happened to the other teenagers, but we can infer that they all died apart from Saoia and the nurse.

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