Too Hot to Handle season 4: Jawahir reveals the real reason she and Nick broke up


It has been over a month since Too Hot to Handle season 4 was released on Netflix, and many fans are still trying to work out exactly which couples are still together on the show and which ones went their separate ways.

Nick Kici and Jawahir Khalifa quickly emerged as one of the top couples to root for on the season, especially when Jawahir had a tough decision to make between Nick and newcomer Wells. But when Jawahir ultimately chose to stay with Nick, it seemed they were genuinely meant to be. The other contestants and Lana agreed because they voted for Nick and Jawahir to win the remaining prize pool and the overall competition.

But in the weeks since season 4 dropped, fans have been trying to figure out whether or not Nick and Jawahir are still together and, if not, why things ended between them.

Too Hot to Handle season 4: Are Nick and Jawahir still together?

Sadly no, despite winning Too Hot to Handle season 4, Nick and Jawahir are no longer together. In the “cast tell-all” shared by the official Too Hot to Handle Instagram page back in December, Jawahir said she was single but not quite ready to mingle.

The couple reportedly did stay together immediately after the show, even moving in together for a while, but ultimately their relationship did not last. There had been signs of this on their social media pages in the weeks since the fourth season aired, but the couple indicated that they ended their relationship on okay terms.

However, a new podcast suggests otherwise.

The real reason Nick and Jawahir broke up

Jawahir recently visited The Wayne Ayers Podcast, where she revealed the truth behind her and Nick’s breakup. According to Jawahir, they were “both” responsible, but while she says she never cheated on Nick, Jawahir also claimed that she suspected Nick of cheating.

She explains that Nick would sometimes openly flirt with girls in front of her, and he deleted conversations on his phone so that Jawahir wouldn’t see them.

"“I did suspect of him cheating in our relationship. He was deleting conversations off his phone, and we would go to a yoga place, and he would be like flirting with a girl at the yoga place.”"

Jawahir then describes a specific situation when they went to yoga, and Nick couldn’t even bring himself to introduce Jawahir as his girlfriend, instead going silent when chatting with the other woman. Additionally, Jawahir alleges that she later found out Nick was talking back and forth with this girl.

Listen to the entire podcast episode on Apple Podcasts right here.

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