Gunther’s Millions: Where is Maurizio Mian today?

Gunther's Millions. Cr: Netflix.
Gunther's Millions. Cr: Netflix. /

There is no Gunther’s Millions or the crazy, whirlwind story surrounding the world’s richest dog without one specific man, Italian pharmaceutical heir Maurizio Mian. Mian is the founder of the multi-media company known as The Gunther Corporation. The figurehead of this corporation is, of course, the German shepherd Gunther, specifically Gunther VI.

Whether you’ve followed Mian’s various eccentric exploits throughout the decades or the Netflix documentary series is your first time learning about him, odds are you’re curious to find out what Mian is up to these days when he’s not tending to his investments and faciliating his seemingly never-ending lineage of purebred Gunthers.

From trying to create a superior human race (yes, really), to inviting multiple people to live in the house he bought (well, Gunther bought) from Madonna to creating a ’90s musical group, Gunther’s Millions shows just how unbelievable this story is. Sometimes reality really is stranger than fiction. So, what is Maurizio Mian doing today, in 2023?

Gunther’s Millions: Where is Maurizio Mian today?

At the end of the docuseries, Mian and his ex-wife Carla Riccitelli fly to an island in the Bahamas, revealing they’re considering purchasing an island to create an animal sanctuary. The documentary implies that this is Mian, and The Gunther Corporation’s next goal. Beyond that, there isn’t much information available online to indicate what Mian is up to nowadays. Given how many scams Mian has participated in, it’s a little hard to believe that this “island” won’t end up being another scheme of some sort.

Who is Maurizio Mian’s daughter?

Maurizio had a daughter with his ex-girlfriend Cristina Mian. They went so far as to tell the press that the baby was Gunther’s kid, which led to backlash and a huge outcry in the press due to the unfortunate implication that statement suggested. In the doc, Cristina even notes that they were worried the Vatican would take the baby away from them, but luckily it never came to that. Not much information is available about Mian’s daughter.

Gunther’s Millions is now streaming on Netflix.

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