Gunther’s Millions: Is Gunther VI still alive? How many Gunthers are there?

Gunther's Millions. Cr: Netflix.
Gunther's Millions. Cr: Netflix. /

Gunther’s Millions is Netflix’s crazy new investigative docuseries about the world’s richest dog, his caretaker Maurizio Mian, and the insane true story revolving around this decades-long tale.

In recent years, Netflix has established itself as one of the top streaming services for documentaries, particularly those with eccentric and offbeat topics, see Tiger King, Bad Vegan, and the recent film, The Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker.

But Gunther’s Millions might take the cake as one of the most surprisingly convoluted tales on Netflix. What starts as a seemingly innocent story of a woman leaving her beloved German shepherd a fortune transforms into a complicated tale of social experiments, a ’90s musical group, elaborate lies, tax fraud, and much more.

But how much money is this famous German shepherd really worth, and is the “original” Gunther still alive? Below we’ll answer some of the biggest questions you might have regarding this strange story.

Gunther’s Millions: How much is Gunther worth? Gunther’s net worth

German Countess Karlotta Leibenstein initially willed $80 million to her dog. Over the years, Gunther’s caretaker Maurizio Mian and his crew of people maintaining the Gunther trust were able to inflate the inheritance to $400-500 million through a series of savvy investments.

Of course, as you’ll learn from watching the docuseries, there is a lot more to the story of Countless Leibenstein than Mian initially suggests.

Gunther’s Millions: Is Gunther the dog still alive?

Yes, the current Gunther, Gunther VI, is still alive. He took over the family’s Gunther lineage in 2018 when Gunther V passed away.

Gunther’s Millions: How many Gunthers have there been?

There have been six different dogs officially named Gunther. This whole saga started with a dog named Gunther III, and now the family is onto Gunther VI. Gunther III died in the early 1990s and was replaced by Gunther IV from 1995-2005, followed by Gunther V from 2005-2018, leading to the current Gunther VI who has been leading the legacy ever since.

Gunther’s Millions is now streaming on Netflix.

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