Will The Last of Us be on Netflix? (where to watch The Last of Us)

The Last of Us premiering January 15 on HBO
The Last of Us premiering January 15 on HBO /

The Last of Us is HBO’s highly-anticipated adaptation of the popular and acclaimed Naughty Dog game. Can you watch the new show on Netflix?

Starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie, The Last of Us is about to become one of the biggest new television shows of 2023. Already being hailed as one of the greatest video game adaptations of all time, the post-apocalyptic series has garnered almost universal acclaim.

Whether you’ve played the games or are new to the series, this is a show you don’t want to miss because you can guarantee it will be the next big thing and all anyone wants to talk about for the next few months! So, how can you watch it?

Will The Last of Us be on Netflix?

Sadly, no, The Last of Us will not be on Netflix, at least not right now. The new series is an HBO Original and will air on HBO and its streaming service. It’s possible that someday in the future, HBO will license the show to Netflix to air, but it’s unlikely that will happen anytime soon.

The good news is that Netflix has other exciting post-apocalyptic and zombie shows and films on its platform, like the popular K-Drama All of Us Are Dead, The Walking Dead, several Resident Evil movies, Kingdom, Black Summer, and Army of the Dead.

Where to watch The Last of Us

For now, the only place you can watch The Last of Us is on HBO or HBO Max. The series premieres on Sunday, Jan. 15, at 9:00 p.m. ET and the first episode runs for 85 minutes. After that, the remaining eight episodes in the first season should only be about an hour or so at max. New episodes air on Sunday nights, and you can watch them on the HBO Max streaming service.

Watch the official trailer for the post-apocalyptic series:

Are you looking forward to watching The Last of Us this weekend? Have you played the games? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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