Ginny & Georgia season 2 spoilers: What is Gil’s real reason for coming to Wellsbury?

Ginny & Georgia. Brianne Howey as Georgia in episode 201 of Ginny & Georgia. Cr. Amanda Matlovich/Netflix © 2022
Ginny & Georgia. Brianne Howey as Georgia in episode 201 of Ginny & Georgia. Cr. Amanda Matlovich/Netflix © 2022 /

Netflix has finally released Ginny & Georgia season 2, and it’s all everyone seems to be talking about. This season finds Ginny and Georgia at odds since Ginny now knows about Georgia’s darkest secret. While Ginny tries to cope with the fact that her mother is capable of murder, Georgia tries to stay positive and focuses on planning her upcoming wedding. But the arrival of her jailbird ex-boyfriend doesn’t help at all.

Spoilers ahead from Ginny & Georgia season 2

Gil Timmins is Georgia’s ex-boyfriend and Austin’s father. He’s mentioned several times in the first season but never made an appearance since he was believed to be incarcerated for embezzlement. In Ginny & Georgia season 2, Gil is released from prison and makes his way to Wellsbury. His first stop is Bankler Elementary School to visit his son.

But is Gil really visiting Wellsbury to form a bond with Austin (Diesel La Torraca), or does he have an ulterior motive? Georgia has only ever spoken negatively about Gil, and in flashbacks, it was shown that he was abusive toward her when they were together. So is he really a changed man?

Ginny & Georgia season 2: What is Gil’s real reason for coming to Wellsbury?

It appears that Gil does want a relationship with Austin, but his revenge is more important to him. The reason he was sent to prison is because Georgia framed him. So now he’s in town to get his life back. He researched Georgia’s fiancé and discovered that Paul comes from old money. With this information, Gil decides to blackmail Georgia to get what he wants, which is money.

He tells Georgia that if she goes through with the wedding as planned, he won’t tell Paul about her criminal past. Gil’s plan would require Georgia to give him money once she’s married to Paul. However, Gil’s blackmailing plan doesn’t end up working because Georgia goes and opens up to Paul. She finally shares information about her background and dark past, and it doesn’t scare him away as she had thought.

Later, Paul calls Gil to his office and tells him to stay away from Georgia unless he wants to end up back in prison. He also lets Gil know that he won’t be getting any of his money and that anytime he wants to see Austin, he’ll have to go through him first. Gil argues that he’ll take him to court to fight for custody, but Paul informs him that he has a good lawyer to help him win the case if he tries to. Gil is then escorted out of Paul’s office by cops.

Ginny & Georgia season 2 is available to stream on Netflix.

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