Who does Georgia kill in Ginny and Georgia season 2?

Ginny & Georgia. Brianne Howey as Georgia in episode 203 of Ginny & Georgia. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
Ginny & Georgia. Brianne Howey as Georgia in episode 203 of Ginny & Georgia. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

Ginny and Georgia season 2 is now streaming on Netflix, and this season had us experiencing a range of emotions, especially with everything that happened to Georgia. No matter how hard Georgia tries to leave her criminal past behind, it’s constantly being dug up and brought to light. But it looks like Georgia isn’t a completely changed woman because she falls back into her old ways at one point in the season.

Spoilers ahead from Ginny and Georgia season 2!

Ginny and Georgia season 2 finds Georgia trying to remain positive after her daughter finds out her darkest secret. If you recall from the season 1 finale, Ginny discovers that her stepfather Kenny didn’t die from natural causes but instead by being poisoned by Georgia. At the beginning of season 2, Georgia and Ginny aren’t on speaking terms because of this, but Georgia tries to stay positive and focus on the things that make her happy such as planning her wedding.

However, her happiness only lasts so long because then her abusive ex-boyfriend/Austin’s father (Gil Timmins) arrives in town and threatens to ruin everything she’s built so far in Wellsbury. She also has to worry about her old arch nemesis Cynthia Fuller again. Cynthia spends most of the season caring for her gravely ill husband, Tom Fuller. However, that doesn’t stop her from trying to still tear down Georgia by preventing her from getting into the Neighborhood Club.

But eventually, Georgia and Cynthia reach some common ground after Cynthia witnesses how abusive Gil is towards Georgia. Cynthia informs Georgia that she blacklisted Gil from getting an apartment in Wellsbury. Georgia thanks Cynthia, and they continue to have a heart-to-heart conversation where Cynthia shares how affected she and her son is by her husband’s grave condition. But no one was expecting Georgia to do what she does next…

Who does Georgia kill in Ginny and Georgia season 2?

I had thought Georgia was done with murdering people, but I guess I was wrong. After Cynthia walks away to check on Zach and Austin, Georgia gets up from her seat and walks into Tom’s room.

Although Tom is comatose, Georgia grabs his hand and speaks to him. She tells him that Cynthia and Zach are strong, that they’ll be okay, and that she’ll watch over them. At this moment, I knew something wasn’t right. Georgia looked teary-eyed as she spoke to Tom, and the things that she was saying were suspicious. She repeatedly tells Tom that everything will be okay as she grabs a pillow off the bed and smothers him with it until he flatlines. Then, she drops the pillow back on the bed and calls for Cynthia to tell her that her husband has died.

But what Georgia didn’t know was that her son Austin witnessed her commit the murder from a cabinet in the room. That part was definitely hard to watch.

Why would Georgia do such a horrible thing? It’s hard to understand why Georgia felt like she had to kill Tom, but I guess she wanted to help Cynthia out since she helped her with Gil. After hearing how depressed Cynthia was about her husband’s condition, I guess Georgia thought that killing him would make Cynthia feel better since she wouldn’t have to see him suffer anymore.

So, does Georgia ever get caught and arrested for murdering Tom?

Does Georgia get arrested for murdering Tom Fuller?

Yes, Georgia gets arrested for the murder of Tom Fuller in the season 2 finale. It all goes down at Georgia and Paul’s wedding at the very end of the season. After Georgia and Paul exchange vows and share their first kiss and dance as a married couple, private investigator Gabriel Cordova and the police storm into Wellsbury Town Hall and apprehend Georgia for Tom’s murder. She became a suspect in Tom’s death because she was the only person with him when he died. The season ends with Georgia being booked into jail and taking her mug shot.

Ginny and Georgia season 2 is available to stream on Netflix.

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