The Recruit season 1 ending explained: What happened to Max’s daughter?

The Recruit. Laura Haddock as Max Meladze in episode 104 of The Recruit. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
The Recruit. Laura Haddock as Max Meladze in episode 104 of The Recruit. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

The Recruit season 1 ends with several explosive twists as characters betray each other. Find out what happens at the end of the finale (spoilers ahead!).

The Recruit‘s finale episode is mainly about Max trying to get back to Russia. Owen, Dawn, Max, and the other members of the CIA’s team gather to make a deal for Max’s freedom to get her back home and continue using her as an asset.

Major spoilers ahead for The Recruit

But everything goes awry when Karolina shows up and throws everything off-kilter. Max ends up fighting for her life in a gunfight, and Owen realizes things are amiss before anyone else does. He rushes inside to help Max and ends up having to kill someone in self-defense after he almost gets strangled to death. It sends him into shock. As he and Max escape, Owen finally reaches his breaking point and tells Max he can’t do any of this anymore and plans to quit the CIA.

Max pulls a gun on him when he tries to walk away, but Owen calls her bluff; he doesn’t believe she will shoot him and walks away anyway. To Max’s credit, she doesn’t shoot Owen, but she does call Dawn and warn her that Owen is going to be a problem. Of course, before we can see what will happen with Dawn-Max-Owen, Karolina kidnaps Owen and Max.

The Recruit ending: What happened to Max’s daughter?

Throughout The Recruit season 1, the show implies that something bad happened to Max’s daughter Karolina. The way Max refers to Karolina indicates that she died, but Max never explicitly says that. At the end of the season, we find out that the mysterious blond girl that has been following Owen and attempted to “sexpionage” him is Max’s long-lost daughter Karolina! But we still don’t know what happened between her and her mother, only that Karolina is now apparently working against her.

The Recruit ending: Who kidnapped Owen?

Karolina and whoever she is working with kidnapped Owen right before he could reunite with Hannah.

The Recruit ending: Does Max die?

The Recruit season finale ends with a shocking twist. After kidnapping Max and Owen, Karolina shoots Max, seemingly killing her. But it’s hard to believe that Max is really dead. Hopefully, the show gets renewed for a second season so that we can find out for sure!

The Recruit ending: What happens to Hannah?

Owen reaches out to Hannah, and they agree to meet up abroad after Hannah flies overseas to see him in Geneva. At first, I thought something bad was going to happen to Hannah due to her friendship with Owen, but instead, Owen is the one who gets kidnapped right in front of a very shocked Hannah. Hannah is the only person who sees what happens to Owen, so she might have to help rescue him next season.

Does The Recruit have a post-credit scene?

No, there is no post-credit scene at the end of The Recruit finale.

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