Is She Said on Netflix?

The Harvey Weinstein scandal shocked the world and caused significant changes throughout the industry. Now the story of how it all came together is being told in the feature film She Said, and many Netflix subscribers are probably wondering if the movie is on the streamer.

The movie is brilliantly based on the book with the same title written by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, who, along with Rebecca Corbett, exposed Harvey Weinstein with their devastating Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times investigation. The film follows their efforts to talk to victims and get them to come on record to try and prevent these heinous acts from ever happening again.

The 129-minute motion picture features a star-studded cast with big names such as Carey Mulligan, Zoe Kazan, Patricia Clarkson, Samantha Morton, and Ashley Judd. in addition, She Said is directed by Maria Schrader, whose credits include the Emmy-winning Netflix Limited Series Unorthodox.

She Said first premiered at the New York Film Festival, and since then, it seems critics have clearly made it known that the movie is a worthwhile experience earning impressive scores on Rotten Tomatoes. Much praise has gone to the two talented leads and the well-crafted screenplay from Rebecca Lenkiewicz, who also worked on Collette and Disobedience.

Is She Said available on Netflix?

There is no denying the biographical drama offers an incredibly gripping story that would probably be an ideal experience for many ideals out there. Unfortunately, subscribers will not be the ones to do so because She Said is not available on Netflix.

Some other well-crafted films based on real-life events available on Netflix include The Trial of the Chicago 7, Operation Mincemeat, Lost Girls, and The Good Nurse.

Where to stream She Said

She Said is only available in theaters, and since it is a Universal Pictures film, it will probably go to Peacock later.

You can check out the trailer below: