Who was Dodi Fayed engaged to before he dated Princess Diana?

9.3.97. Los Angeles, California. The late Dodi Fayed pictured in 1987
9.3.97. Los Angeles, California. The late Dodi Fayed pictured in 1987 /

The Crown season 5 has finally arrived on Netflix with the show once again taking viewers back through time to tell the story of the British monarchy. The new season finds the action moving into the 1990s which was quite a turbulent decade for the monarchy, one plagued by scandal and tragedy.

Across the new season, viewers watch as the show revisits iconic events from the era with a particular focus on Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philips, Prince Charles, and Princess Diana, as expected.

Season 5 finally sees Diana and Charles’ relationship reaching the point of no return as the two separate and later divorce. Through the exploration of this time in the pair’s life, the show introduces several important figures in both Charles and Diana’s lives in that decade including various friends and romantic partners.

Among those introduced this season is Dodi Fayed, who shared a key connection with Diana in her final months and who fans are formally introduced to in the season. While Royal Watchers know that Diana and Dodi became romantically connected prior to their untimely deaths, as viewers begin The Crown season 5 they might be surprised to know that Dodi was actually engaged before becoming connected to Diana.

Warning: The Crown season 5 spoilers ahead

Who was Dodi Fayed engaged to?

In season 5 of The Crown, viewers get the chance to see how Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed met which occurred during a day at the races via a brief introduction but we don’t get to see the pair share much time together on screen in the season. Instead, the season does a perfect job of building up to the holiday that changed their lives in which sparks flew.

Instead of getting to see Diana and Dodi’s relationship unfold in the season, audiences instead are introduced to a woman named Kelly whose background is a bit unexplained in the show. At one point we see her rehearsing lines with Dodi hinting that she’s an actress, but she’s later referred to as a swimwear model. We also never hear her last name formally spoken in the show, but we can confirm she is indeed based on a real person.

Prior to his relationship with Diana, Dodi was romantically connected to model Kelly Fisher and, like in the show, the pair were engaged to wed. As for how serious their relationship was and how it ended, that’s where things get complicated as there are varying reports about how things ended and the role Diana played in their engagement ending.

These dynamics are likely to be explored in the final season of The Crown which will tell the story of Diana’s final days and her relationship with Dodi.

The Crown season 5 is streaming now on Netflix.

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