What is End of the Road starring Queen Latifah about?

END OF THE ROAD (2022) Queen Latifah as Brenda. Cr: Ursula Coyote/NETFLIX
END OF THE ROAD (2022) Queen Latifah as Brenda. Cr: Ursula Coyote/NETFLIX /

The latest Netflix film, End of the Road, stars two spotlight-stealing Hollywood legends—Queen Latifah and Ludacris.

Though Latifah and Ludacris won’t be playing roles similar to their respective iconic characters in Hairspray and Hustle & Flow, we’re sure that these celebrities will still manage to keep your attention, as their characters in this film are not only super badass but also pretty inspiring, especially when it comes to how each of them goes above and beyond to protect their loved ones.

Whether you want to see more of Queen Latifah and Ludacris or you’re just looking for a new film to watch this weekend, you’ve come to the right place because we’re here to tell you all about End of the Road.

End of the Road synopsis

End of the Road follows recent widow Brenda (Queen Latifah), a protective mother/big sister doing her best to keep a roof above her family’s head after the sudden passing of her husband. Brenda decides it’s best to take her brother Reggie (Ludacris), her son Cam (Shaun Dixon), and her daughter Kelly (Mychala Faith Lee) to Houston, Texas, to start fresh.

While spending a night in a motel during their road trip, Brenda and Reggie overhear their neighbor getting beaten by an unknown assailant. They check on him, and while there, Reggie finds a big bag of cash in their dying neighbor’s motel room. Understanding that his family’s back is up against the wall financially, Reggie takes the money.

If only he knew the dire consequences this action would bring.

Now on the run from authorities and outlaws determined to find the money, Brenda must do whatever she can to escape the fury of everyone after her and her family. But when an outlaw kidnaps her son, she decides it’s finally time to stop running and fight for her and her family’s lives.

How far is Brenda willing to go to protect her family? There’s only one way to find out.

Watch the official trailer for the film below:

As we said before, this film may well be the best Netflix title you watch all weekend, so don’t forget to stream every second of End of the Road today.

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