What is I Came By starring George MacKay about?

I Came By is a Hitchcockian British thriller releasing on Netflix tomorrow, Aug. 31. Starring George MacKay, Kelly Macdonald, and Hugh Bonneville, this suspenseful film follows a graffiti artist who finds himself in over his head when he discovers a shocking secret.

Directed by Iranian filmmaker Babak Anvari, I Came By has a timely message about wealth disparity and classism. In some ways, the premise for this film reminds me of Fede Álvarez’s home invasion thriller Don’t Breathe. Its themes are quite timely given the current state of the world, particularly in places like the UK.

Anvari recently chatted with Digital Spy, revealing he drew inspiration from real-world events. That said, I Came By is meant to be an entertaining thrill ride, first and foremost. Expect many twists and turns to keep you perched on the edge of your seat throughout the film’s nearly two-hour runtime.

What is I Came By about?

MacKay plays Toby, a graffiti artist who targets wealthy homes and the elite. But when he discovers a shocking secret in the basement of a prestigious retired judge (Hugh Bonneville), his actions endanger everyone he loves, including his mother (Kelly Macdonald) and best friend (Percelle Ascot). What begins is a deadly game of cat and mouse.

I Came By cast

The main cast of the movie is as follows:

  • George MacKay as the graffiti artist Toby
  • Kelly Macdonald as Toby’s mom Lizzie
  • Hugh Bonneville as the retired judge Hector Blake
  • Percelle Ascott as Toby’s friend Jay

Is I Came By based on a true story?

As mentioned above, the movie is not technically based on a true story, but director Babak Anvari was inspired by real-world events. He came up with the idea for the movie himself, so it isn’t based on a novel or anything either.

While chatting with Digital Spy, Anvari said, “Obviously it’s a work of fiction. I’m taking inspiration from real events and heavily fictionalising it, but as it was brewing, I was watching the world events and everything that is happening, it definitely affected the story and the central theme of it.”

Similarly, MacKay told the outlet, “At this time, even with the shifting of power, it seems to remain in the hands of the powerful because of those mutual connections. The level that they operate [on] takes away the fairness of it among broader society. This film touches upon all of that big time, so it does feel particularly pertinent.”

I Came By starts streaming Aug. 30 on Netflix.