Partner Track star Alexandra Turshen age, height, Instagram, roles: Everything about the Rachel actress

Alexandra Turshen stars as Rachel in the upcoming Netflix original series, Partner Track.

Based on the official trailer, Rachel appears to be someone that always has her bestie Ingrid’s (Arden Cho) back no matter what. She also seems to be that person everyone knows they can go to for gossip and/or a good time after a hard day at work. Basically, Rachel is that friend that makes life worth living, and her real-life actress likely has a few similarities to her.

Undoubtedly, Alexandra Turshen is the actress you’re definitely going to want to know more about, which is why we have her age, height, and so much more information about her down below. Check it out!

Alexandra Turshen age

Alexandra Turshen was born on January 25, 1986, in New York City, New York. She is 36 years old and is an Aquarius.

Alexandra Turshen height

Alexandra has dark brown hair, bright green eyes, and, according to Celeb Heights, stands at about 5-feet-5-inches.

Alexandra Turshen Instagram

Her official Instagram page, @alextursh, is very similar to her character Rachel, in that it’s full of life and love.

Her page, which has acquired over 13,000 followers as of today, has a few posts of her beloved family and friends. It also has a few snaps of her and her fellow Partner Track co-workers having a good time. Our favorite is the one where everyone is having fun carving a pumpkin, but her most recent one with her and Bradley Gibson chilling in NYC is a close second.

Maybe she’ll post more photos of her having a good time with her friends. Make sure to follow her Instagram to see it all.

Alexandra Turshen roles

Alexandra may be new to Netflix, but Partner Track isn’t her first acting rodeo. In fact, IMDb notes that the American actress appeared in over 40 titles in the past. Here are a few of her most notable roles:

  • Amber Dreams (2010) as Kim
  • Epic History of Everyday Things  (2011) as Lucy
  • The Maladjusted (2013) as Kerry
  • Red Oaks (2014) as Misty
  • Boy Meets Girl (2014) as Francesca Duval
  • Everything’s Gonna Be Pink (2015) as Jessie
  • Quantico (2017) as Samantha
  • The Bold Type (2018) as Brooke Langley
  • Ray Donovan (2018) as Justine Evans
  • American Tourist: Nightmare in Thailand (2020) as Abby

The 2022 Netflix original series may be her latest project, however, we’re sure it won’t be her last. As you wait to see Alexandra Turshen in more titles in the future, watch her play Rachel in Partner Track, streaming on Friday, Aug. 26, only on Netflix.