Love and Anarchy season 3 updates: Is another season happening?

The Netflix Swedish series Love and Anarchy has two seasons available on the streamer fans can’t stop talking about, and several are curious to learn more about the situation regarding the possibility of Love and Anarchy season 3.

The brilliant romantic comedy series follows a married, ambitious consultant who enters into a daring, flirtatious game with an IT expert where they both challenge each other to do things that go against established social norms. Eventually, things escalate, and the end result is yet another worthwhile show on Netflix.

The first season of Love and Anarchy was a success for the streamer gaining solid traction with viewers and accumulating an impressive set of scores on Rotten Tomatoes. The second set of episodes has most assuredly been an entertaining experience for fans from start to finish, and it’s no shock to discover that some subscribers are very eager to know what is happening with the future of the series.

With two installments in the can and available to stream now, it makes perfect sense the focus would turn to Love and Anarchy season 3. Below is everything fans need to know about the potential next chapter.

Is Love and Anarchy season 3 coming to Netflix?

There would understandably be a lot of people upset if Love and Anarchy didn’t get a third season, and that makes sense considering how many people enjoyed the first two outings. But unfortunately, the show has yet to be greenlit for a third run, and an official renewal has yet to come down the pipeline from the streaming giant.

It is wise to point out that there is still an ample amount of time, considering how recent season 2 just launched, for the people in charge to determine if more episodes are a good idea. Netflix is taking a different approach when it comes to its release slate, and it will most likely take its time in assessing if Love and Anarchy season 3 is the right move.

Is Love and Anarchy canceled?

If a program isn’t canceled, then it can’t be ruled out that more entries won’t definitely happen. The good news is that Love and Anarchy have yet to get the ax from the streaming powerhouse, and the fact that the show is still technically alive means there is still a chance that season 3 could very well happen at some point down the road.

Love and Anarchy season 3 release predictions

It’s hard to determine a release date before the show gets renewed, but if one had to guess, the earliest Love and Anarchy season 3 could hit the streamer would probably be sometime in late 2023. But Netflix isn’t afraid to move at a slow pace to get the next outing in front of viewers, as some shows take years between iterations. It’s anyone’s guess at this point.

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