5 must-watch comedy specials on Netflix

Eddie Murphy performs standup comedy wearing one of his leather jump suits. (Photo by Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images)
Eddie Murphy performs standup comedy wearing one of his leather jump suits. (Photo by Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images) /

Netflix has become the go-to streaming service for comedians to showcase their talents. When Netflix started premiering original stand-up specials last decade, people realized how vital comedy specials still are.

When it comes to comedy, Netflix can provide the viewers with different types of humor, such as family-friendly and more mature content for date nights. Netflix has conquered the world of comedy because of how fast new content is released on the streaming service and giving new comedians a platform to be seen and build their fanbase.

Must-watch comedy specials on Netflix

Here are just five of the Netflix comedy specials to watch right now, including specials from the likes of Katt Williams, Mike Epps, and Eddie Murphy.

Katt Williams: World War III

World War III is the first special that Katt Williams released since 2018’s Great America. In his new special, the legendary comedian dives deep into the world of conspiracy theories. Providing a truthful yet hilarious breakdown of some of the wildest and most popular ones. The special was filmed at the Dolby Live Theatre in Las Vegas in January 2022 as part of his “World War III Tour” and is a must watch for Katt Williams fans.

Mike Epps: Indiana Mike

For his third Netflix comedy special, Mike Epps decided to go back home to Indianapolis, where he received a proclamation from the mayor and his local congressman at the end credit the special. Throughout the special, viewers will see how being from the state of Indiana has made Mike the comedian that we see today.

One of the things about Mike Epps that makes him different from other comedians is that sometimes his delivery can come off a bit sloppy, but it feels like a cousin or uncle talking to you and telling you a funny story. Mike can utilize his body and hands to add to his jokes, making his jokes feel more connected to the audience.

Mike Epps is a master of his craft and understands that all his jokes aren’t always landed with the crowd. He’s a comedian who can be hit or miss with people because when he performs, his jokes can be very funny or massive misses, which is unfortunate, but that doesn’t mean this particular special isn’t something fans should check for.

Jerry Seinfeld: Jerry Before Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld put together a fantastic comedy special back in 2017 to make Seinfeld fans happy. This comedy special also feels like a documentary because Jerry discussed his childhood and photos from his early years as a comedian before Seinfeld the show premiered. Jerry performs at the comic strip in New York City and delivers a classic style of observational comedy that you can watch with your family no matter the age.

Richard Pryor: Live in Concert

Richard Pryor’s Live in Concert is considered by many to be the greatest comedy special ever because it was the first comedy special to be released in theaters. Richard Pryor’s comedy in this special is extremely dark material because he pulls from his impoverished upbringing in a brothel, his drug addiction, and heart attack, and racial turmoil in America, which all shouldn’t be funny but the legendary comedian’s ability to turn pain into comedy is on full display here. Despite all the negatives in the world that have limited Richard Pryor’s freedom from drugs, race, and health, he comes off as the most carefree and clear-eyed observer of his generation.

Eddie Murphy: Raw

When it comes to Eddie Murphy comedy specials, many people like to argue which ones are better between Raw and Delirious. Raw is a brilliant in-your-face special that was groundbreaking during a period when comedy specials were top-rated. If Eddie Murphy released Raw in 2022, it would be considered problematic by today’s standards, but it was released in 1987 when comedians could offend anyone and not get backlash.

Eddie Murphy, at his peak, is considered by many to be the greatest comedian of all time, and his confidence on stage during Raw is unmatched still to this day. In this special when, see Murphy make his Bill Cosby impression, which has become only more relevant over the decades, can be found here and is a must-watch for any comedy fans. If you haven’t seen Raw, tread carefully — you’ll find it hilarious or offensive.

What comedy specials on Netflix are your favorite?

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