Netflix The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 recap guide: Episodes 1 to 10

The Lincoln Lawyer. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller in episode 101 of The Lincoln Lawyer. Cr. Lara Solanki/Netflix © 2022
The Lincoln Lawyer. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller in episode 101 of The Lincoln Lawyer. Cr. Lara Solanki/Netflix © 2022 /
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The Lincoln Lawyer. (L to R) Jeff Francisco as Alvin Aquino, Neve Campbell as Maggie McPherson in episode 109 of The Lincoln Lawyer. Cr. Lara Solanki/Netflix © 2022
The Lincoln Lawyer. (L to R) Jeff Francisco as Alvin Aquino, Neve Campbell as Maggie McPherson in episode 109 of The Lincoln Lawyer. Cr. Lara Solanki/Netflix © 2022 /

The Lincoln Lawyer episode 9 recap: The Uncanny Valley

The Lincoln Lawyer season 1’s penultimate episode begins with Mickey checking in with Izzy. She assures him that she’s okay and planning to go to a meeting after her almost slip-up with her ex.

After, Mickey meets with Trevor. Trevor is intent on taking the stand despite the fact the case is all but won. It’s a stupid decision that could wreck their entire case, but Trevor is adamant. He still wants to clear his name in the “court of public opinion,” and believes the only way he can do that is to take the stand himself. The best thing Mickey can do now is ensure Trevor is prepared for how tough the cross-examination is going to be.

As for Maggie’s case, they hit a dead end with their supposed shooter. Lankford goes to unlawful lengths to steal Aquino’s phone and look through it, but there isn’t much on there they can use. The flower shop also doesn’t give them what they need. Maggie’s next plan is to have Tanya wear a wire, but it’s dangerous and Mickey is concerned for his client’s safety.

At trial, Trevor takes the stand. It goes okay, although Mickey does notice Trevor rubbing his leg at one point (one of his signs of deception) when talking about Sonia Patel. He keeps note of that for later since it’s clear Trevor is still lying about something. When it comes time for closing statements, Golantz goes as hard as he can on the little he has.

He also brings up the gun featured in Nocturna and points out that the gun in the game is the same gun that was used to shoot Jan and Lara. But as Mickey points out, what gun? The prosecution never found a murder weapon. Mickey also points out that the timeline doesn’t add up.

Between the time Trevor called 911 and the cops arrived, Trevor would only have had seven minutes to kill them both and then hide bloody clothes and the gun. Neither were ever found so it stands to reason Trevor didn’t do it.  The jury ends up finding Trevor Elliott not guilty of killing Lara or Jan. Mickey wins the case.

But instead of basking in the glow of a win, Cisco finds out some interesting holes in Trevor’s story. Cisco tells Mickey that the whole story about Sergei Kosevich is a lie. Cisco went to Kosevich’s son, Pavel, Trevor’s college roommate. Pavel hated Trevor and hung up on Cisco. But Cisco found out there was a third roommate, a man named Ben Hoffman is now the CTO of Pavel’s company.

Ben said Pavel hated Trevor’s guts and his dad was never going to finance anything of Trevor’s. It doesn’t prove anything but still, Cisco points out that Trevor took the stand after the case was already won. Would he actually do that if a Russian mobster had a gun to his head? Nothing is adding up. Now the lingering question is, if the Russians aren’t the ones who have been following and bugging Mickey, then who is?

Let’s also circle back to Carol DuBois. Lorna meets her in the waiting room outside of court to apologize for Jan’s death. Carol is obviously devastated by Jan’s murder and she’s even more upset when Trevor is found not guilty.

Instead of celebrating with champagne with Lorna and Cisco, Mickey still has some loose ends to fix up after the case. His first stop is to Eli Wyms at the hospital. he gives Eli an affidavit, signed by him to tell him that he was right, Jerry dumped him because he was trying to hide evidence from the prosecution in the Trevor Elliott case. Eli was collateral damage and he lost six months of his life so they could win a case. It won’t give Eli his six months back, but he can use the affidavit to sue Jerry’s estate and help him get back on his feet when he gets out of prison.

While sitting with Eli, they notice a news broadcast on television showing Trevor giving an interview after winning the case. Eli notes that Jerry did all the dirty work for Mickey, but Mickey got all the glory. His remark makes Mickey realize something and he quickly leaves, calling Cisco on his way out and asking him to look into something else contained in Parallax’s records.

Across town, Maggie and Lankford wait outside of Soto’s house as Tanya goes in wired up. She gets Soto to confess that he had David Loresca killed, but the admission is a little garbled. Still, Lankford hears everything. But Soto soon realizes Tanya is wired and tries to strangle her to death. Thankfully, Maggie and the cops arrive in time to save her.

From there, Mickey goes to visit Trevor at his celebratory party at Parallax. Guess what? Trevor did kill Lara. And Mickey finally figured out what happened. Too bad Trevor has double jeopardy now, he can’t be re-tried for his wife’s murder. Mickey is pissed that Trevor played him. Lara did all the dirty work and Trevor got all the glory. Sonia said Lara was a brilliant coder, yet she quit her job at Chaos Games to follow Trevor?

Something doesn’t add up. It’s because Lara was the one who came up with the code that changed everything, the entrance into the “uncanny valley,” not Trevor.  But she was working for Chaos Games, so whatever she created belonged to them. So if Trevor created it then, it belonged to him. She had to watch Trevor take all the credit for ten years. When Golantz asked Trevor about Sonya on the stand, he started rubbing his leg, a sign of deception.

The fight Trevor and Lara had the night before her death was because Lara was going to tell Sonia everything and go back to Chaos Games. If she did that, then everything Trevor built would go away. Everybody finds out Trevor is a fraud.

But if Trevor did kill Lara and Jan? Where was the gun? Where was the bloody clothing? The drone. We’ve seen Trevor messing with a drone a few times throughout the season and there was even a photo of him using his phone when the cops arrived presented in court. But he wasn’t checking his emails. Trevor was using his drone to take the bloody clothes and gun and drop them in the ocean.

As for the story about the Russians, Trevor had to come up with something to keep Mickey from quitting after he found out about the bribed juror. Still, that’s the one piece of the puzzle Mickey still can’t figure out. Who else is involved? Who has been following him? Trevor says he doesn’t know what Mickey is talking about.

On his way home, Mickey gets a call from a police officer claiming they arrested Izzy on suspicion of DUI and ask him to come out. Mickey goes to the designated location, but no one is there. Then an unseen assailant knocks him out.