Senior Year 2: Does the Senior Year post-credits scene hint at a sequel?

Senior Year. (Featured) Angourie Rice as young Stephanie Conway in Senior Year. Cr. Boris Martin/Netflix © 2022
Senior Year. (Featured) Angourie Rice as young Stephanie Conway in Senior Year. Cr. Boris Martin/Netflix © 2022 /

Today Netflix released a new comedy film starring Rebel Wilson titled Senior Year. The hilarious actress stars as a teenager who falls into a coma and wakes up 20 years later, now 37, and decides to return to high school and fulfill her dream of becoming prom queen. Given the way the film ends, some viewers might be curious if Netflix has plans to make Senior Year 2.

One thing most of us look for in this day and age is a mid or post-credits scene. We can thank Marvel for that. Nowadays, even movies that aren’t in the superhero genre are expected to include some sort of teaser for the film’s possible future, even if one never happens. So, does Senior Year have a post-credits scene? And what does it mean for a potential sequel film?

Does Senior Year have a post-credits scene?

Yes, Senior Year does have some fun mid and post-credits content. Throughout the credits, you’ll get to see some alternate takes, improv and bloopers from the cast. It’s super entertaining and reminds me of what many comedy films used to do all the time during the credits.

Then toward the end of the credits, there is a slightly more serious added scene that shows Kelly meeting with Mr. T (Brandon Scott Jones) to discuss her college options! Ultimately, the scene ends with Wilson and Jones laughing and joking around, so it’s more of a blooper than anything.

However, the fact the filmmakers filmed something that wasn’t in the original movie to show Kelly consulting with her guidance counselor about options for her future could mean the writers are already thinking ahead to a possible sequel. If Senior Year 2 were to get made, maybe it would feature Kelly in college.

Will there be a Senior Year 2?

As of right now, we do not know if a second movie will get made. The Rebel Wilson-starring comedy would certainly function well as a one-and-done, but there is also room for the story to continue.

Wilson’s other famous project, Pitch Perfect, was only meant as a single movie, but we all know it later spawned an entire franchise with three films and a possible television series in the works. Who knows what might happen with Senior Year in the future. Would you like to see a sequel?

Watch Senior Year now on Netflix.

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