The Office and 7 fan-favorite shows we wish we could stream on Netflix

THE OFFICE -- "Threat Level Midnight" Episode 716 -- Pictured: (l-r) Ed Helms as Andy Bernard, Rashida Jones as Karen Filippelli, Steve Carell as Michael Scott, Phyllis Smith as Phyllis Lapin, Angela Kinsey as Angela Martin -- Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC
THE OFFICE -- "Threat Level Midnight" Episode 716 -- Pictured: (l-r) Ed Helms as Andy Bernard, Rashida Jones as Karen Filippelli, Steve Carell as Michael Scott, Phyllis Smith as Phyllis Lapin, Angela Kinsey as Angela Martin -- Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC /

Between the long list of Netflix original series and the handfuls of other television shows on Netflix, we’re never lacking in content to add to our watch lists. But that doesn’t mean millions of Netflix users don’t also miss having shows like The Office at the ready.

As more and more streaming services have become staples over the past few years, such as HBO Max and Peacock, studios have begun pulling their content from other streamers and retaining the exclusive distribution rights. That means Netflix can’t stream The Office and Friends.

But beyond the series that have left Netflix and will more than likely no longer be available on the leading streamer, there are also lots of older and newer shows we wish could come to Netflix for the first time or make a once-in-a-lifetime comeback. We can dream!

The Office and more shows that should be on Netflix

Here’s eight of the biggest shows that fans wish they could watch on Netflix, but these are only a small amount of shows that we could make a case for. Let’s begin with perhaps one of the most popular comedy series of all time: The Office.

The Office

The NBC sitcom needs no introduction. Based on the UK series of the same name, Steve Carell stars in The Office as the hapless paper company manager Michael Scott, whose questionable actions and decisions cause chaos for his team of quirky employees.

In the not so distant past, The Office was one of the top acquired series on Netflix, spending a fair amount of its tenure on the streaming ranking in the top 10. Sadly, the comedy jumped ship to Peacock without looking back. But we’re still longing for the days we could watch it on Netflix.


Just like The Office, the equally popular (if not more popular) sitcom Friends was once one of the top acquired titles on Netflix. The ’90s classic centers on six close pals making their way through New York City one bad date at a time.

Unfortunately, Friends departed Netflix for HBO Max due to Warner Bros. having ownership over the distribution rights. The series probably won’t ever return to Netflix, but as we said before, who doesn’t wish they could open Netflix and hang out with their best sitcom friends?

Teen Wolf

It’s no doubt that MTV’s Teen Wolf series is a fan-favorite from the 2010s era. With stars like Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, and Dylan O’Brien, how could the show not be super popular? The series lasted for six seasons and 100 episodes and will soon return in the form of a revival film on Paramount+, where it exclusively streams. Why couldn’t it have been Netflix?!

Nancy Drew

As we know, The CW made a deal with Netflix to stream their shows… but that deal came to an end. That means, the newest shows on the network mostly stream on HBO Max rather than Netflix, where The CW hits like Riverdale, Dynasty, The Flash, and many more call home.

Imagine how much bigger Nancy Drew (and shows like Batwoman and Superman & Lois) could be if it had the chance to take advantage of the Netflix bump! While it’s returning for its fourth season and has clearly made a name for itself, the visibility Netflix brings isn’t anything to scoff at.

Desperate Housewives

Look, as we all know, the chances of Disney ever licensing their content to a streaming service other than Disney+ or Hulu are slim to none. The company has started scaling back its series on Netflix, which makes us think Grey’s Anatomy and New Girl’s days are numbered.

But think how much fun it would be for the world to collectively revisit the wild twists and turns of Desperate Housewives on Netflix. There’s no way the series wouldn’t immediately hit the top 10 and spend days, if not weeks, there. It’s a pipe dream, though.

Mad Men

Obviously, Mad Men was one of the leading television series in the era of “peak TV” that led into the era of streaming. The AMC Emmy-winner was a Netflix favorite for many years until it ended up leaving. Mad Men seems destined for a triumphant return in the future — at least we hope!


In the year 2022, it’s unlikely that a large population of Netflix viewers are calling for The CW’s 90210 reboot to be re-added to Netflix. But we are! It’s a criminally underrated show that deserves to have a greater chance of being appreciated. You can currently watch 90210 on The CW’s website, but a Netflix comeback would be ideal.

Netflix Marvel shows

Here’s a no brainer, right? When Disney announced that the Netflix Marvel shows would be leaving Netflix and making their way to Disney+, it marked a shocking new era of change. How could they take what was rightfully Netflix’s content?! It’s complicated business stuff. But someday, we’d like them back on Netflix — though according to some fans, they can keep Iron Fist.

What shows would you like to see streaming on Netflix?

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