Heartstopper ending explained: How does the first season end? (spoilers)

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Heartstopper is finally on Netflix and the reviews could not be better. It is so cute and smart and wonderful. It’s almost impossible for anyone to not like this show. It’s like a warm hug. And the perfect show for preteens, teens, and adults alike.

The show is based on the graphic novels of the same name by Alice Oseman and follows Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson as they meet, become friends, and then fall in love with each other. But the journey is not so easy when friends, bullies, and their inner doubts stop them from being fully out as a couple.

Besides the two main boys, the series also features the relationships between Elle and Tao (Charlie’s friends) and Tara and Darcy (Elle’s friends at her new school). It shows the complications of telling your best friend that you “like like” them and how coming out can come with both good and bad things you didn’t expect.

The cast could not have been better chosen and consists of Joe Locke, Kit Connor, William Gao, Yasmin Finney, Tobie Donovan, Rhea Norwood, Corinna Brown, Kizzy Edgell, and Jenny Walser.

How does Heartstopper end?

If you’re not interested in spoilers, now is the time to stop reading!

The ending could not be more perfect. While the first book ends at the moment when Nick leaves Charlie after their first kiss, the show ends with Nick telling his mom (played by Olivia Colman) that he is bisexual and that he and Charlie are dating.

It is one of my favorite scenes from the books, and it was just as heartwarming and sweet as I wanted it to be. And I know I’m not alone.

The final scenes also showed Charlie and Nick on the beach being the couple they wanted to be the whole season. They no longer need to hide. They can just be together.

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