Choose or Die soundtrack: All the songs in the Netflix horror

CHOOSE OR DIE. Eddie Marsan as Hal in Choose or Die. Cr. © CURSR FILMS LIMITED 2022
CHOOSE OR DIE. Eddie Marsan as Hal in Choose or Die. Cr. © CURSR FILMS LIMITED 2022 /

Choose or Die has finally premiered on Netflix, and the new horror film is one of the better Netflix movies released this year! Starring Sex Education actor Asa Butterfield, Iola Evans and Eddie Marsan, with a cameo voiceover from Robert Englund.

Evans plays Kayla, a broke college dropout and programmer struggling to care for her mother and make ends meet. Her best friend Isaac (Butterfield) is a fellow programmer with a penchant for collecting items from the 1980s.

Kayla finds a vintage computer game in Isaac’s collection and realizes the prize offer of $125,000 has gone uncollected. Thinking she can beat the game and get the money, she plays the game, only to discover the stakes are far more serious than she could ever have imagined.

Netflix Choose or Die soundtrack

The Choose or Die soundtrack uses a great mix of current and retro songs from the 1980s, generally mixing rap, hip-hop, synth-pop and alternative tunes to create a compelling musical mix.

Here are all of the songs featured in Choose or Die

  • “West” by Ivy Soul
  • “Song 32” by Noname
  • “It’s Like That” by Jason Nevins and Run-D.M.C.
  • “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby” by Cigarettes After Sex
  • “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” by Tubeway Army

Some of the best musical moments in the movie include some of the early scenes that introduced us to Kayla’s character by playing “West” by Ivy Soul and later “Song 32” by Noname. Perhaps one of the most resonant songs in the movie is “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby,” which becomes symbolic of Isaac and Kayla’s relationship. I won’t say more so as not to spoil.

The Run-D.M.C. song is only played briefly on the radio in one scene, but the group is referenced a couple of times and becomes a running joke to our two protagonists. The final showdown between Kayla and the “boss” is prefaced with the Tubeway Army song, “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?”.

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