The Circle season 4 release date updates: Will there be a new season? When is it coming out?

THE CIRCLE Michelle Buteau stars in season 2 of THE CIRCLE. Cr. NETFLIX ©2021
THE CIRCLE Michelle Buteau stars in season 2 of THE CIRCLE. Cr. NETFLIX ©2021 /

There’s nothing to keep us hooked to our watch lists quite like a new season of The Circle dropping weekly. The Circle season 3 arrived in September 2021 and we’ve been looking ahead to The Circle season 4 ever since — that’s just how addictive the social media-centered reality series is from beginning to end.

When a new season begins, we’re thinking ahead to the next season of twists and turns that could be just around the corner.

The Circle brings a group of contestants into the same apartment building, but they aren’t allowed to meet face-to-face. Instead, they communicate via a fake social media platform called The Circle. It’s through their chats that the ultimate game of cat and mouse.

But will there be more games to be played in future seasons? Here’s everything to know so far about The Circle season 4, including its predicted release date, episode count and filming schedule.

How many seasons of The Circle are there?

Currently, there are three full seasons of The Circle (US version) available to stream on Netflix with a fourth and fifth season on the way!

Will there be a season 4 of The Circle?

As luck would have it, you don’t have to worry about being blocked by your favorite social media-themed reality show. Netflix has already renewed The Circle for season 4. But wait, there’s more. The streamer also gave the show the green light for season 5.

Even though the series doesn’t leave off on cliffhangers, that’s still great news for fans who can’t get enough of the chaos, drama and twists that the reality show brings. Thankfully, The Circle will be back to pack more contestants into the apartment building.

How many episodes are in The Circle season 4?

Judging by the episode count for seasons 2 and 3, we’re expecting The Circle season 4 to have 13 episodes. The first season of the reality series only had 12 episodes, but the second and third runs tacked on an extra episode for the highly anticipated finale winner reveal.

However, Netflix hasn’t yet confirmed the official episode count for the fourth season, and anything could still change by the time season 4 hits our watch lists. But it’s a safe bet that fans will have another 13 juicy episodes to dig into next season.

When is The Circle season 4 filming?

When Netflix announced that The Circle had been renewed for two more rounds, the streamer didn’t elaborate on a timeframe for production for season 4. Since multiple editions of the series from around the world film back-to-back in the building, it’s unclear when season 4 was filmed but it appears to have taken place sometime in either late 2021 or early 2022.

The Circle season 4 release date

While many had expected The Circle season 4 to arrive sometime in April 2022, in following a similar timeline to when season 2 arrived, Netflix has instead decided to hold season 4 for May 2022. As confirmed by the streaming powerhouse, The Circle season 4 will premiere on Wednesday, May 4.

Similar to past seasons, season 4 of The Circle will be released across several weeks with the first batch of episodes arriving on May 4. It has not yet been confirmed how many episodes will arrive on May 4, but we’re anticipating the first four episodes will arrive to kick off the season with additionals episodes to follow in the weeks after.

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