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Are You The One season 8 aired on MTV in 2019, and no one could have known that it would be the last season we would see for a while. Fortunately, things have picked back up, and Are You The One season 9 is officially happening at Paramount+!

Many fans are currently watching Are You The One season 8 and are reliving every single moment of one of the best seasons of the reality series. It is definitely in my top 3 and was very enjoyable to watch.

For the first time ever in Are You The One history, the contestants were all sexually fluid in the eighth season. Also, there were only 16 cast members in the eighth season compared to previous seasons that had 20+ cast members. Although there was plenty of hook-ups and drama, the contestants managed to still walk away with a good amount of money.

If you’re curious about who the Are You The One season 8 matches were, we’ve shared the complete list down below.

Who are the Are You The One season 8 matches?

We provided the full list of Are You The One season 8 perfect matches via Us Weekly:

  • Aasha and Brandon
  • Basit and Jonathan
  • Jenna and Paige
  • Danny and Kai
  • Nour and Jasmine
  • Kari and Max
  • Amber and Remy
  • Kylie and Justin

Unfortunately, the eighth season is not available to stream on Netflix. However, you can watch the complete eighth season on Paramount+. Maybe in the future, Netflix will license the eighth season. It’s possible because the fourth season is streaming on Netflix right now. We’ll let you know if this happens in the future.

We also have the full confirmed perfect matches lists for Are You The One season 6 and Are You The One season 7. Some of those pairings were surprising!

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