Netflix Pieces of Her season 1 recaps: Episodes 1 to 8

Pieces of Her. (L to R) Toni Collette as Laura Oliver, Bella Heathcote as Andy Oliver in episode 106 of Pieces of Her. Cr. Mark Rogers/Netflix © 2022
Pieces of Her. (L to R) Toni Collette as Laura Oliver, Bella Heathcote as Andy Oliver in episode 106 of Pieces of Her. Cr. Mark Rogers/Netflix © 2022 /
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Pieces of Her
Pieces of Her. Bella Heathcote as Andy Oliver in episode 102 of Pieces of Her. Cr. Mark Rogers/Netflix © 2022 /

Episode 2

Pieces of Her episode 2 starts similarly to the first episode. We see a young blond girl trapped in a box or a shed of some kind with snow falling outside. She’s scared and worried about a mysterious man returning.

In the present, a distressed Andy does her best to get to Carrolltown the old-fashioned way (a physical map! I haven’t seen one of those in a while) since Laura warned her against using GPS. Once there, she stops at the local library to print directions to Maine and try to learn more about her mother and “Paula Kunde,” although at this point Andy still isn’t sure what she heard, so searches like “Paula Koontz” doesn’t bear fruit.

Meanwhile, Laura fends off a pair of cops intrigued by her strange reaction during the shooting. Laura lies, telling them Andy has gone to see friends and claims the 911 call the night before was just a fluke.

In Carrolltown, Andy notices a man inspecting the stolen car. It looks like she’s being followed. Andy runs to the nearby storage facility on foot. She finds a car loaded with fake IDs, a gun, and a suitcase full of cash inside her mom’s unit.

Poor Gordon gets roped into the mess. Remember the robber? Well, he’s not dead. Laura has him tied up under the bathroom sink. She wants to use him to facilitate a meeting with his boss, and she needs Gordon’s help to transport him to the meeting place. But bad luck strikes again as the man has a seizure and dies in the backseat. Gordon offers to take care of the body, returning Laura home, where she runs into a man named Charlie (Gil Birmingham) waiting for her on the front porch. Laura assures him everything is fine.

Andy books a motel room and then slinks into the nearby bar where she connects with a handsome guy named Jack (Jacob Scipio). She even convinces him to teach her how to shoot the gun. It looks like the two might spend the night together, but then Andy notices a rabbit foot charm dangling from Jack’s rearview mirror. It’s identical to one she saw the night before while trying to find the robber’s car. Is Jack another bad guy following her? Andy thinks so and immediately retreats to her room, keeping her gun close.

In Belle Isle, Laura finally decides to give the reporters who have been stationed outside her house for days exactly what they want. She agrees to give an interview, so long as they promise not to edit anything and ensure it is broadcasted nationally. It sounds like she wants to send a message to whoever is watching her!