The Weekend Away ending explained and spoilers: Who killed Kate and why?

The Weekend Away. (L to R) Leighton Meester as Beth, Ziad Bakri as Zain in The Weekend Away. Cr. Ivan Šardi/Netflix ©2022
The Weekend Away. (L to R) Leighton Meester as Beth, Ziad Bakri as Zain in The Weekend Away. Cr. Ivan Šardi/Netflix ©2022 /

The Weekend Away is officially on Netflix and everyone is talking about the new thriller movie. The film successfully kept viewers on the edge of their seats with a high level of anticipation to find out who the killer was. But no one was prepared for the actual revealment of the killer.

Leighton Meester stars as Beth, a new mom who travels to Croatia for a girl’s trip with her best friend, Kate. When Kate suddenly vanishes on the trip, Beth races to discover the truth behind her friend’s disappearance.

The Weekend Away seemingly leads viewers on a wild goose chase to find out who killed Kate, but the actual killer is revealed at the very end of the Netflix film. Did Pavic kill Kate? We answer this burning question and so much more below!

Now is your time to turn away if you wish to remain unspoiled because we’re about to dive right in and talk about The Weekend Away. Spoilers ahead for The Weekend Away.

Did Pavic kill Kate in The Weekend Away?

We thought he did. All the clues basically pointed at Pavic being the killer, but we find out later that he didn’t kill Kate. While hiding out from the police in a building, Beth and Zain talk about the information they had just found out about Pavic. After looking at the security footage of the night of Kate’s disappearance and finding out that Kate got a ride home from Pavic, Beth comes to a realization that Pavic killed Kate.

At this time in the film, Beth has no idea that someone else other than Pavic saw Kate that night. Then, the police chase continues, and Beth goes on the roof of a building. Pavic corners Beth, and they tussle for a bit before Pavic trips on a rock and falls to his death.

The next scene shows Beth in the police station. Kovac walks into the room and shows Beth the full security footage of the night of Kate’s disappearance. Then, Beth asks Kovac why Pavic would kill Kate. Kovac tells Beth that she believes Pavic killed Kate because she rejected his advances.

She reveals that Pavic had a troubled past while working for Internal Affairs. Kovac tells Beth that Pavic was accused of assault by multiple women but threatened them to withdraw their statements. Since the women withdrew their statements, Internal Affairs couldn’t fire Pavic, so they moved him to the tourist division. Now that Kate’s murder is pinned on Pavic, Beth tries to move on with her life.

Who killed Kate in The Weekend Away?

After Kate’s murder is seemingly solved, Beth leaves Croatia and goes back to London. She visits Rob to drop off their daughter, Aster. While at Rob’s house, Rob tries to make a pass at Beth, but Beth rejects him. She asks Rob for her spare car keys back, and Rob tells her they’re in a bowl by the hallway or in his jacket. While going through Rob’s jacket, Beth finds a bead that was a part of Kate’s necklace. She then realizes that Pavic wasn’t the killer. Instead, it was Rob.

Beth confronts Rob, and he initially denies it until Beth shows him the bead she found in his jacket. Rob tells Beth that Kate’s death was an accident and explains what happened that night. He explains that he was scared because Kate was threatening to tell Beth about their affair, so he flew to Croatia to stop her.

Once Rob meets up with Kate, they go for a walk by the water to talk. Kate tells Rob that what they had meant nothing to her. She tells him that he was a rebound fling and that she’s done living a lie. As Kate turns to leave, Rob grabs her by her shoulder, and her necklace falls to the ground. Then he hits Kate, and she trips and bangs her head on a rock. She rolls into the water, and Rob watches her while she drowns.

Were you expecting Rob to be responsible for Kate’s death? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

The Weekend Away is streaming now only on Netflix.

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