Why is the Netflix original series Soundtrack leaving Netflix?

SOUNDTRACK - Credit: Parrish Lewis/Netflix
SOUNDTRACK - Credit: Parrish Lewis/Netflix /

Netflix has started putting removal notices on some of the movies and shows on its platform. But there is one show on the list that we were shocked to see, and it’s the Netflix original series Soundtrack.

Soundtrack is a romantic musical drama that follows a group of people living in Los Angeles who become connected because of their love for music and dance. It was released on Netflix in December 2019 but was shortly canceled a month later.

People wondered how a show starring Step Up‘s Jenna Dewan could get canceled so quickly. Well, it had nothing to do with the talented actress, but mostly to do with how it was promoted. There wasn’t much buzz surrounding the series. It pretty much flew under the radar. It didn’t help that highly anticipated series such as The Witcher season 1 and You season 2 came out around the same time. The musical series barely had a fighting chance.

However, many people enjoyed the show and still go back and rewatch it to this day. Sadly, musical lovers will not have this option for much longer. We don’t want fans to be surprised when they see that they can’t watch the musical series anymore. So we’ve shared the Soundtrack departure date right below.

When is Soundtrack leaving Netflix?

Soundtrack is set to depart Netflix on Tuesday, March 1. This means the last day to watch the television series is Feb. 28. Since there’s only one season with 10 episodes, you’ll be able to watch the entire series way before its departure date. Actually, you could watch the show plenty of times before it leaves the streamer.

Why is Soundtrack leaving Netflix?

Although the musical series is considered a Netflix original, it was developed and distributed by 20th Television, which Disney now owns. Disney has been removing its content from Netflix and either moving them to Disney+ or Hulu in the past years. The streamer would either buy back the rights or wait until the license expires. In Soundtrack‘s case, it looks like Disney bought back its property from Netflix.

Where will Soundtrack stream next?

The musical series will most likely be available to stream on Disney+ or Hulu after it departs Netflix. Since the show is rated TV-MA, it’ll probably move to Hulu. Hulu carries Disney’s adult-oriented content. Disney has not announced what streaming home Soundtrack will be moved to. We’ll have to wait and see what they decide.

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