Is Jessica Jones leaving Netflix?

Photo: Marvel's Jessica Jones
Photo: Marvel's Jessica Jones /

We knew the day was coming, but we didn’t think it would be so soon. There have been rumors that one of Netflix’s top superhero series, Jessica Jones, will be departing from the streamer, and diehard fans need clarity.

After the release of the successful superhero series Daredevil on Netflix in April 2015, Marvel fans were elated to find out that another Marvel series would be added to the streamer in the same year. In November 2015, Jessica Jones would be dropped and the world would never be the same.

Jessica Jones follows a former superhero who tries to rebuild her life by opening her own detective agency. Krysten Ritter played the titular character and was praised for her incredible performance every season. The show received mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers alike. It was praised for its character development, complex plot, thrilling action scenes, tone, acting, and handling of heavy subject matters.

Jessica Jones and Daredevil weren’t the only two superhero series from Marvel added to the streamer. Netflix signed a huge deal with Marvel in 2013 and over the years picked up Iron FistLuke CageThe Punisherand The Defenders miniseries. This brought more Marvel shows to Netflix’s catalog, and fans couldn’t be more happier.

Unfortunately, Netflix and Marvel parted ways in 2019, and all Marvel shows from the Defenders franchise were canceled. Even though this was bad news, fans were happy that they could still go back and watch all the Marvel shows on Netflix. But now it looks like fans won’t have the opportunity to do so soon.

Is Jessica Jones leaving Netflix?

It appears so. As reported by What’s on Netflix on Feb. 11, Jessica Jones and all of the Marvel shows a part of the Defenders franchise, will be departing from Netflix on March 1, 2022.

Apparently, the removal dates do not show on any of the shows’ title pages or on mobile devices. Instead, they only show when you first watch a Marvel series on a profile.

We’re not surprised that all the Marvel shows will be leaving Netflix because the partnership between Netflix and Marvel ended a long time ago. Also, Disney owns Marvel and Disney had already begun removing its shows from Netflix. There just hadn’t been any removal dates set for the Marvel shows yet.

Netflix has not confirmed any of the Marvel shows removals, but there will probably be an announcement soon.

Where to watch Jessica Jones

There are two streaming services that Jessica Jones could possibly be moved to: Disney+ or Hulu. Since Marvel is owned by Disney, it would make sense for the superhero series to move to Disney+, but it could also move to Hulu since Hulu has Marvel content already on its platform. This goes for the other Marvel Netflix shows as well.

Marvel has not announced where its shows will be available to watch after leaving Netflix. We’ll keep you posted on any news about the Marvel Netflix shows.

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