What is Through My Window about?

Through My Window - Production Still Image Courtesy Netflix
Through My Window - Production Still Image Courtesy Netflix /

The Netflix film Through My Window just dropped on Netflix on Feb. 4, and it’s definitely one you should catch this weekend to prepare for your Valentines’ Day celebration.

The romance movie has everything you could ever ask for: A forbidden relationship, a window that brings two lovers together, and, of course, a great deal of mutual pining that is sure to make you want to fall in love as soon as humanly possible.

If this sounds like a title you are certainly going to love, then you’ve come to the right place because we tell you all about Through My Window below.

Through My Window synopsis

Based on the novel of the same name written by Ariana Godoy, Through My Window tells the story of a young girl named Raquel who falls in love with her bad-boy neighbor Ares after intently watching him through her window for some time.

The desire is initially one-sided as Ares wouldn’t be caught dead with someone like Raquel, but her intriguing personality and her wild-card tendencies lure his heart into a relationship he desperately wants to be in. Will he put his reputation on the line to be with her and if he does, what consequences will arise as a result?

See a sneak peek of this juicy story in the official trailer for the new Netflix release, here.

Curious to know who the names are behind these faces? We got you covered!

The cast of Through My Window features:

  • Guillermo Lasheras as Yoshi
  • Natalia Azahara as Daniela
  • Pilar Castro as Rosa Maria
  • Hugo Arbues as Apolo
  • Eric Masip as Artemis
  • Rachel Lascar as Sofia Hidalgo
  • Emilia Lazo as Claudia

And last but not least, Bia actor Julio Pena and The Boarding School: Las Cumbres actress Clara Galle play the role of Ares and Raquel, respectively, in the new film.

Now that you know all about what this movie is about as well as who you can expect to see in it, all that’s left to do is tune in to every second of Through My Window streaming right now only on Netflix!

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