Stay Close ending explained and major spoilers revealed

Stay Close - Credit: James Stack
Stay Close - Credit: James Stack /

Stay Close is one of the most popular Netflix shows to end 2021. The new Netflix original mystery series is based on the novel of the same name by Harlan Coben.

It’s very similar to The Stranger, Safe, and other Netflix shows based on the works of Coben.

We watched the series on Netflix, and we’ve shared what happened. Fans who need a recap or those who just want to see how it ends, continue on!

Major spoilers for Stay Close below! 

Stay Close ending

It all goes down in the eighth and final episode of Stay Close. There has been so much action and so many twists and turns leading up to this point, so it’s great to see the full story come together.

There are several major breakthroughs over the final two episodes. Broome and Erin Cartwright make a shocking discovery in the woods behind Vipers. There is a bunker with the bodies of all the missing men from Carnival for the last 17 years, except a few of them.

At the same time, Megan is attacked by Barbie and nearly killed. Megan fights her off and eventually kills her with Barbie’s own knife.

After Megan is healed, Broome arranges for Ray and Megan to meet to talk about what happened that night so long ago when she had been Cassie and engaged to him. Megan reveals that she got a note that told her to meet him in the woods. There, Stewart Green was dead. She panicked and ran through the woods.

Ray had followed her that night into the woods, but he got there after she had ran off. He saw Stewart Green dead, and he thought it was her. To help cover her tracks, Ray disposed of Stewart’s body in the river nearby.

Meanwhile, Ken is trying to pry information from Lorraine at Vipers. He knows that she knows something about Carlton Flynn, who is still missing and was not one of the men discovered in the bunker.

Ken follows Lorraine home, and Broome puts it all together. Broome races to Vipers and then to Lorraine’s home. There, he finds Ken with his throat slit and Lorraine holding a knife.

Who is the killer in Stay Close?

Lorraine reveals she killed her abusive ex-husband who kicked her so hard when she was pregnant that she lost her baby. She, then, began killing bad men every year at Carnival, but only one not to draw suspicion. They always went missing and their bodies were never found. Lorraine is also responsible for killing Stewart Green to get him out of Cassie’s life.

Broome convinces Lorraine to turn herself in, and she does.

To recap, Stewart Green is dead. Lorraine killed him, Guy Tatum, and a bunch of other bad dudes over the years and threw their bodies in a bunker. Ray disposed of Stewart Green’s body because he thought Cassie had killed him.

But, what happened to Carlton Flynn?

The series ends with Megan and Dave’s wedding. During the ceremony, Dave admits to Megan that he picked up Kayleigh and Bea the night that Carlton Flynn disappeared. He found them in the middle of nowhere next to a car, which he later came to realize was Carlton Flynn’s.

After seeing Carlton Flynn was missing, Dave returned to the spot and pushed Carlton Flynn’s car into the river. No big deal, right? Wrong.

Kayleigh had revealed to Megan that Carlton Flynn had tried to drug her. They escaped in the woods until he attacked her at his car. Kayleigh flipped Carlton into the trunk and closed it on him. Then, Bea and Carlton drove off in the car.

So, Carlton Flynn was actually still in the the trunk of the car when Dave pushed it into the water. Yikes!

So, that’s how it all goes down in Stay Close! 

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